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[edit] Some requests

  • Furniture
    • Front desk table, tablecloths, signs, and so on. This will probably be in Mudd lobby.
    • signs to post around campus to direct attendees to where they need to go (does CU allow?)
    • Extra tables and chairs for Carleton and CS lounges
  • A tent for CS courtyard, to allow it to be used if it is raining.
  • Banners - for talk rooms, also rkd will see about one outside of Mudd
  • Balloons or other decorations for Mudd - stuff to Make It Look Good
  • Extra lighting/speakers for talk rooms (talk to video team)
    • identify contacts for rental/borrowing from others who have used these rooms

[edit] Tasks

  • Catalog and flesh out what we need to do

[edit] Team members

  • Richard Darst
  • Jimmy Kaplowitz
  • Brian Gupta
  • Hans-Christoph Steiner
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