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Adrian von Bidder produced a very nice Debian Umbrella:

Given that Adrian is not coming to DebConf10, Luca Capello offered to bring some to NY. However, given luggage space, probably no more than 10-15 umbrellas will be available, on a "first arrived, first served" policy.

Update: Giacomo (Cate) also offered to take a box of Umbrellas to Debconf. So there will be at least 24 umbrellas at Debconf.

Luca Capello's idea behind bringing the umbrellas to DebConf10 is mostly for those people who live very far away from Switzerland and thus it could be quite expensive to send the umbrella by mail. If you are an EU citizen, please request one to Adrian following the instructions at his blog instead.

If you are interested, please insert your name here and also send an e-mail to Luca Capello. Orders will be closed on Sunday, June 27th, so hurry up! To cover customs taxes, the price for each umbrella is 30USD.

  • look for Giacomo (cate)
* DONE 2x Tiago Bortoletto Vaz (can decrease amount if more people want)
* DONE 1x Don Armstrong
* DONE 1x Paul Wise
* DONE 1x Andrew McMillan
* DONE 2x Ian Lawrence
* DONE 1x Eric Dantan Rzewnicki
* DONE 1x Rohit Kumar Mehta
* DONE 1x Aaron Ucko
* DONE 1x Manoj Srivastava
* DONE 1x (forgot the name)
  • look for Luca (gismo)
* DONE 1x Luca Capello
* DONE 1x Asheesh Laroia
* DONE 1x Felipe Augusto van de Wiel
* DONE 1x Brian Gupta
* DONE 1x David Smith
* DONE 1x Thomas Lange
* DONE 1x Stephen Frost
* DONE 1x Jon 'maddog' Hall
* DONE 1x Jeremy Baron
* DONE 1x Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva
* DONE 1x Greg Lyle
* DONE 1x urbec
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