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This page aims at coordinating the subtitling effort of the talks given during the Hamburg Minidebconf18. More detailed info about subtitling can be found in the general subtitles page.

[edit] Steps of the subtitling process

Subtitling a video can be organized in three main steps:

  • transcription: writing what the speaker says. This is clearly the most time consuming step.
  • synchronization: put timestamps on sentences so that they are displayed at the right moment.
  • review: watch the video with subs to look for typos, sync problems, etc. This part is quite easy but is nonetheless really important to ensure good quality of the subs.

[edit] Tools

The currently preferred tool to transcript and sync talks is Amara, a web based subtitling platform. This tool allows contributors to work collectively, which can be really helpful to stay motivated. If you want to use Amara, please register and ask to join the Debconf group.

If you already have experience in subtitling and prefer to work offline (using aegisub, for instance), it is totally possible to do so. In that case, please update the following table to lock the talk you are working on in order to avoid duplicate work.

[edit] Progress Summary

Title Status Duration Links Reviews
Open Day Opening Ceremony Todo 26:04 Video Amara
Seeing Different Faces in FOSS communities Todo 55:41 Video Amara
Q & A Session with Minister Tang Todo 53:51 Video Amara
Debian Meets Smart City Applications Todo 22:57 Video Amara
跨社群合作:LibreOffice 宣傳動畫幕後花絮 Transcription in progress on Amara 38:29 Video Amara
Story of DRBL and clonezilla Todo 41:45 Video Amara
使用 OpenType 實現注音符號在數位環境的排版顯示 Implement Bopomofo Layout with OpenType feature Todo 50:26 Video Amara
LXDE & LXQt - The Classic Desktop Environments After 12 Years Todo 46:39 Video Amara
當 TangleID 遇上台北市政府: 自由軟體如何改善公部門處理流程 Todo 50:45 Video Amara
EzGo project Todo 48:32 Video Amara
Panel Discussion: Story of Debian contributors around the world Todo 53:09 Video Amara
共享試用不是真自由 - 從 DFSG 論如何認識及做好自由軟體著作權標示 Todo 1:04:48 Video Amara
Opening Ceremony Todo 17:54 Video Amara
Software transparency: package security beyond signatures and reproducible builds Todo 37:45 Video Amara
Debian Games: Learn more about free software games in Debian Todo 46:51 Video Amara
Bits from the DPL Todo 47:26 Video Amara
Analysing Debian packages with Neo4j Todo 40:28 Video Amara
Civilization runs on Debian Todo 44:52 Video Amara
Debian Med BoF Todo 44:15 Video Amara
Debian Science BoF Todo 42:56 Video Amara
In 1968 Mom built a computer Todo 23:12 Video Amara
Debian Desktop, for the elderly Todo 22:47 Video Amara
R pkg BoF Todo 38:41 Video Amara
Continuous Key-Signing Party introduction Todo 14:39 Video Amara
Tools inside Blends framework Todo 45:11 Video Amara
Learn how to triage bugs Review in progress 26:33 Video Amara 😊
Making Games Work Better on Debian Todo 40:04 Video Amara
Debian Cloud Team BoF Todo 50:09 Video Amara
Ignoring Negativity Todo 43:54 Video Amara
git-debrebase - new tool for managing Debian packaging in git Todo 37:07 Video Amara
Building a Debian Derivative: Lessons Learned and Solutions Found Todo 19:50 Video Amara
Meet the Technical Committee Todo 39:48 Video Amara
di-netboot-assistant: Install Debian in your LAN Todo 22:23 Video Amara
Building Debian-based system images Todo 39:58 Video Amara
Autodeploy from salsa Todo 37:14 Video Amara
Server freedom: why choosing the cloud, OpenStack and Debian Todo 40:33 Video Amara
News from the APT team Todo 20:38 Video Amara
Debian & XMPP: packaging and infrastructure Todo 40:22 Video Amara
OpenRC: A Featureful and Hackable Init System Todo 18:35 Video Amara
Live Demos (session 1) Todo 9:00 Video Amara
Mining Debian Maintainer Scripts Todo 44:33 Video Amara
SPI BoF Todo 34:19 Video Amara
Report from the Debian EFI team about the support of Secure Boot on Debian Todo 40:14 Video Amara
GSoC session Review in progress 39:38 Video Amara 😊
Debian on Mobile Devices Todo 43:47 Video Amara
What's new in the Linux kernel Todo 39:55 Video Amara
Debian Java: Learn how to package Java applications and libraries for Debian Todo 47:46 Video Amara
Autodeb: Automatic Packages for Everything Todo 27:49 Video Amara
Status of Japanese (and CJK) typesetting with TeX in Debian Todo 46:26 Video Amara
Backporting hardware support in Debian Todo 21:24 Video Amara
Rethinking font packages—from the document level down Todo 45:11 Video Amara
2018-08-02 - A Build Service for Installation and Cloud Images Todo 48:43 Video Amara
Using FAI to build Live debian images for ARM developer boards Todo 20:11 Video Amara
Let's start salvaging packages! Todo 43:26 Video Amara
Debian CI/autopkgtest BoF Todo 48:33 Video Amara
GDPR in Debian Todo 16:43 Video Amara
That's a free software issue! Transcription in progress on Amara 42:29 Video Amara
Lightning Talks Transcription in progress on Amara 33:01 Video Amara
Reproducible Buster and beyond Todo 44:43 Video Amara
Electronics BOF Todo 43:29 Video Amara
Segregated Dynamic Linking (keeping the peace between incompatible dependencies) Todo 33:01 Video Amara
Open Hardware Todo 42:55 Video Amara
Debian Policy BoF Todo 22:34 Video Amara
Running tests and analysing results on an Embedded Debian system with BMW/Genivi tooling Todo 48:52 Video Amara
Pocket Debian, in my high school Todo 22:56 Video Amara
Debian sandboxes for users and developers Todo 48:10 Video Amara
Rethinking of debian/watch rule Todo 17:23 Video Amara
My crush on GNU Guix Todo 46:34 Video Amara
Delta upgrades revisited Todo 19:42 Video Amara
DSA BoF Todo 43:18 Video Amara
Docker & Go packaging, an overview of the challenges Todo 25:00 Video Amara
Multiple people Todo 44:23 Video Amara
Debian CD workshop Todo 1:04:19 Video Amara
Cryptsetup in Debian: tips, tricks, and future plans WIP offline/see progress on Salsa 44:19 Video Amara
use Perl; # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group Todo 46:07 Video Amara
Are any big brothers watching you, and if yes, what can they tell about Debian? Todo 52:45 Video Amara
Web team BoF Todo 47:53 Video Amara
DNS Transport Security in Debian Todo 22:08 Video Amara
Flying Rockets with Debian! Todo 50:42 Video Amara
Gnuk+GnuPG Explained for Debian Developers and Users Todo 26:00 Video Amara
Linux Font Rendering Stack Todo 43:31 Video Amara
Pocket Debian for science at school: workshop Todo 23:53 Video Amara
Arm ports BoF Todo 41:24 Video Amara
DebConf20: In... your city? Todo 42:43 Video Amara
RISC-V BoF Todo 45:23 Video Amara
How Debian helped translating thousands of articles in Wikipedia! Todo 16:34 Video Amara
Hacking with x86 Windows Tablet and mobile devices on Debian Todo 43:48 Video Amara
Build tools for applying Debian to Embedded Systems Todo 47:30 Video Amara
SUSI.AI and Personal Assistants in Debian Todo 41:08 Video Amara
"Ignoring Negativity" followup Todo 44:29 Video Amara
New Member BOF Todo 47:50 Video Amara
AppArmor 3.0 Todo 29:52 Video Amara
DebConf committee BoF Todo 44:21 Video Amara
DebConf19: Curitiba Todo 22:28 Video Amara
Closing ceremony Todo 26:39 Video Amara
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