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[edit] Mini-DebConf-Berlin-2010

[edit] Final Report

In week 43 the last bills have been payed for Miniconf-LT-Berlin/2010. Thank you very much to Joey and all at ffis e.V. involved in the accounting of the event. Things went rather smooth and the account is now at a nice 00.00 €. The last bill was payed to LT e.V. for beverages that Elke had bought for us. I have to admit, i had forgotten about that last bill as it came in rather late and we had already payed one for food to LT e.V. The sum was 222.53 € and our account held only 152.88 €. Joey refused my offer to pay the missing 69.65 € myself and took it out of the debian account. Other than that no money was needed from the 2000 € that DPL had promised in case the conference could not be fully sponsored.

One more thing i need to apologize for: The shipping of the video hardware to N.Y. for debconf10 did not quite work out as planned. A first attempt to ship them failed, so i was a bit late in the process when i finaly got the packages on their way. If everything would have worked out as promised by the shipping agency (Schenker GmbH) things would have been fine. They were not. So extra effort, nerve and money was needed by the video team to get the packages cleared from US Customs. My sincere apologies for that!

All recorded talks are online at:

[edit] List of Donors

Date Name Value
2010-04-14 Axel Jan Friedrich Urban 250 €
2010-04-15 Trustsec IT Solutions 500 €
2010-04-20 Intevation GmbH 250 €
2010-04-21 Robert Fritzsching 200 €
2010-04-22 B1 Systems GmbH 500 €
2010-04-23 Guido Petermann IT-Dienstleistung 300 €
2010-05-05 Kay Königsmann 40 €
2010-05-19 Markus Manzke 1000 €
2010-05-19 Werner Detter 50 €
2010-05-31 Hetzner Online AG 200 €
2010-06-02 tarent GmbH 1000 €
2010-06-04 Univention GmbH 1000 €
2010-06-11 Müller u. Brandt GbR 250 €
2010-06-22 Myriam Schulz 20 €
2010-07-15 Landeshauptstadt München 250 €

Let me again thank all donors who made this possible with their kind donation. Also of course thanks a lot again to everyone involved in making the conference a success! Without you it would have not happened. In retrospect i can say, i would do it again, maybe in 2012. In 2011 i will try to be involved in debconf11. Mistakes were made, lessons learned. So, next attempt can only be better :)

on behalf of the team:

Ferdinand Thommes

After-Event Meeting

I have sent out mail to Berlin Orga Team with a proposed date for a critical look on mini-debconf.
Date: Thu, 17.6.2010 19:00
Place: C-Base
Everybody is welcome to join
Mini Debconf is over. *sigh*
We sure hope that everyone who participated had fun all the way.
We very much want to thank all helpers, technicans and speakers for making the event work out as well as it did.
We also want to thank Messe Berlin,  LinuxTag e. V. and ffsi e. V. for making this happen in the hope that LinuxTag as well as Debian will profit from this.
We managed to stream all talks and record all talks but two.
All recorded talks will be archived as soon as they are processed.
on behalf of the team:
(who would do this again at LinuxTag or elsewhere)
Name Mini Debian Conference aka MiniDebConf aka MDC
Date 2010-06-10+11 -- June10 (Thu) 09:30-18:00, June11 (Fri) 10:00-18:00
Location LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin, Hall 7.1.a, Room New York 1

[edit] Subpages

Helpers: Helper

ToDo: ToDo

Tickets: Tickets

Press Coverage: Press

Debian Dinner: Dinner

Videos: Videos

[edit] Accomodation & Public Transport

We always occupy a small hotel for LinuxTag. Rooms are available still. (date? how many?)

  • Details:
    • 38€ per night for a single room incl. breakfast (and free beer at night)
    • 58€ per night for a double room incl. breakfast (and free beer at night)
    • Note: Please do not try to book yourself, we have occupied all rooms.
    • Contact: Ferdinand "devil" Thommes mailto: thommes_at_linuxtag_dot_org; chat: on IRC via OFTC on channel #debian-miniconf-berlin

If you want to share a double room with somebody, please find a roommate

 Hotel Azur, Ferdinandstr. 39, 12621 Berlin
 Google Maps: (
  • Directions:

How to get from the hotel to LinuxTag:

    • It is a 1h ride on the city train to the venue.
    • go to Kaulsdorf Station (the one near the hotel)
    • take train S5 in direction Charlottenburg for four stations unto S Lichtenberg (ca 9mins)
    • change trains to S75 into direction Spandau for 16 stations unto Messe Süd (ca 35mins)
    • get out, follow the crowd or LinuxTag signs (2 minute walk)
    • general info on public transport in Berlin: BVG

[edit] Aims

This conference aims mainly at 3 things:

  • Collaboration: Bringing Debian people together to collaborate towards a great Debian 6.0 'Squeeze' release.
  • Attraction: Attracting visitors from LinuxTag to Debian.
  • Fun: Having a good time together

[edit] Streams

If you have problems with the round robin you may try:

[edit] Chat

We are chatting online via IRC on server "" on channel "#debian-miniconf-berlin". Install an "IRC client" (link needed) and enter these commands:

   /nick   mynickname
   /join   #debian-miniconf-berlin

[edit] Tickets

The LT ticket is also valid for the miniconf.

  • available as of now --devil 08:03, 13 May 2010 (UTC)

Please register for tickets on Miniconf-LT-Berlin/2010/tickets.

How to register: Enter your full name and a valid email address. As soon as the etickets are available you will receive a mail with a pdf. Register within 48 hours with the code from the mail. Otherwise your ticket is invalid and unprintable Print the PDF and bring it along

[edit] HELP!

Helpers please register at MiniConf-Helper

What we need now:

What we need mostly is people like YOU who are participating in different ways to make this a successful conference and maybe a standard part of LinuxTag before Debian releases.

  • Debian People (Debian Developers (DDs),
  • Debian Maintainers (DMs), and all other
  • People who are otherwise involved in Debian
  • Coders to attend the Bug Squashing Party (BSP)
  • Visitors who take part in panel discussions on Debian topics
  • Helpers for setting up the hardware on 2010-06-08 (Tue)
  • Helpers for running the conference:
    • Video Team (Camera Operators)
    • General Orga:
      • setting up and guiding speakers for their talk, handing out microphones
      • helpers at infodesk
  • Speakers to give talks and lectures
    • Program is full, no more talks accepted --devil 09:19, 8 May 2010 (UTC)

[edit] People

Helpers please register at MiniConf-Helper

[edit] Hacklab

  • Times: Hacklab will be open throughout the event (yes, even at night).
    • Question: What about access to location at Messe Berlin through nighttime (entry/exit)? (Wolfgang)
      • I am still negotiating that but it looks as you will have to be on the fairground when the doors of LT close (18:30)
      • You can of course leave anytime --devil 14:29, 16 May 2010 (UTC)
      • You will also have to get a ribbon for your wrist during the day at the infodesk to be identified as participant lateron
  • Catering on daytime:: Participants will be fed within the LT kitchen for helpers (Zille) (We will pay for some expenses here.)
  • Catering at night: There will be the Chili Fest by Alexander "formorer" Wirt.
    • cancelled due to unfulfillable regulations by 'Messe', Pizza Proxy is an alternative.
  • Drinks: We officialy cannot serve you drinks, sorry
  • Net: The chief networkers are Erik "plopix" Wenzel and Ferdinand "devil" Thommes.
  • Cables: Expect *no* patch cables, power cables, or cable extensions; bring your own!!

We need coders for the Bug Squashing Party (BSP)! If you can code or think up solutions then please add yourself to the list below.

[edit] Coders

Add yourself to be one of the coders at the Hacklab!


 LastName      your last  name
 FirstName     your first name
 Contact       email address
 Jun10         present on June 10th?
 10/11         staying overnight?
 Jun11         present on June 11th?
 Status        "huh?"
 Comments      whatever
LastName FirstName Contact Jun10 10/11 Jun11 Status Comments
Drung Benjamin bdrung(at)  ? - -
Golde Nico nionREMOVETHIS(at)  ? - - -
Heuser Werner wehe(at)  ? - -
Pietsch Wolfgang - - - Release Notes
Reichle-Schmehl Alexander  ? - -
Thykier Niels  ? - -
Tille Andreas  ? - -
Werner Torsten twerner(at)  ? - -
Brederlow Goswin von goswin-v-b(at)  ? - -
Landschoff Torsten torsten(at)debian(dot)org 10/11? - -
Hüffner Falk √? - - - -
LastName FirstName Contact Jun10? 10/11? Jun11? STATUS COMMENTS

[edit] Schedule

 ical subscription:
 short schedule in text/plain:
 by Sven Guckes
 Schedule for Mobile Devices:
 by Ulrich Dangel irc:mru - thanks! :)

[edit] 2010-06-10 Thu

Time Speaker Contact Title Chair
09:30 Stefano Zacchiroli File:Dpl-bits.pdf Sven Guckes
10:00 Holger Levsen Debian Edu - Lenny + Squeeze Status Quo Sven Guckes
11:00 Wolf-Dieter Zimmermann Seminarix - Linux in die Lehrerausbildung? File:MiniDebConf2010-Berlin.pdf Sven Guckes
12:00 Axel Beckert Debian GNU/kFreeBSD — apt-get install freebsd? Sven Guckes
13:00 Thomas Koch Patch Management mit verteilten Versionskontrollsystemen github File:Patch management dvcs.pdf Sven Guckes / Ralf Treinen
14:00 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl Debian-Paket-Bau -- Eine kleine Einführung File:Debian-packaging.pdf Ralf Treinen
15:00 Andreas Tille Debian Pure Blends Ralf Treinen
16:00 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl Payback time! -- Wie man als nicht technischer Nutzer Beitragen kann File:Payback.pdf Ralf Treinen
17:00 Jan Hauke Rahm QA - Qualität und ihr Management in Debian File:Qa-measures-in-debian-slides.pdf Ralf Treinen

[edit] 2010-06-11 Fri

Time Speaker Contact Title Chair
10:00 Axel Beckert Automatisiertes Bauen von .deb-Paketen aus VCS-Snapshots, based on Sven Guckes
11:00 Goswin von Brederlow Multiarch - Ziel, Design und Status. File:Multiarch.pdf

Für User und Entwickler

Sven Guckes
12:00 Alexander Wirt Backporting Debian Ralf Treinen
13:00 Holger Levsen - systematic policy conformance testing on 25000 packages? (30+15) Ralf Treinen
14:00 Andew Lee LXDE - Past and Future File:LinuxTag-LXDE.pdf Ralf Treinen
15:00 Heinz-M. Graesing x2go - Debian als Internet Remote Desktop - Desktopsharing im Team und das neue x2goplugin. ??
15:45 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl Debian-Paket-Bau für Fortgeschrittene File:Handout.pdf ??
16:45 Guido Günther Was kann git-buildpackage für Dich tun? ??
17:30 Thomas Koch Was ist Hadoop und was könnte es für Debian tun? File:Hadoop zookeeper linuxtag.pdf ??

[edit] Moderators

Moderators aka Session Chairs - please register here - thanks!

Moderator Contact Status Date Time Comments
Ralf Treinen confirmed 10+11 not Thu morning ++33-6-8558-1972
Sven Guckes confirmed 10+11 all time (sans KSP) +49-179-3966141
Karlheinz Heidemeyer confirmed 11.6. all day
Moderator Contact Status Date Time Comments
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