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These are the teams, to be in charge of every aspect of DebConf8, from the start of the planning and until the conference ends. People listed here are meant to be responsible for each task, so expect heavy prodding if you're listed here :)


[edit] Coordination

[edit] Global coordination team

  • Ganneff

[edit] Local coordination team

[edit] Venue

[edit] Hotel interaction team

[edit] Room allocation team

[edit] Volunteer coordination team

  • Maxy (coordinator)
  • Romanella

This should include "Front Desk" and "Assorted problem solving".

[edit] Food team

[edit] Communication

[edit] Press team

  • madduck
  • Bea/Lukio (needs re-confirmation)

[edit] Website team (team info)

[edit] Design / Magazine / Proceedings team

  • Mendieta (coordinator)
  • Lisandro (!= Pérez Meyer, por favor, poner apellido)
  • Tomás González Dowling

[edit] Money

[edit] Sponsors team

[edit] Sponsorship allocation team

  • Ganneff
    • already defined team

[edit] Beancounting team

  • Somebody from Vía Libre

[edit] Treasury team

  • Somebody from Vía Libre

[edit] Networking and network services

[edit] General coordination team

[edit] ISP team

[edit] Cabling team

[edit] Wireless team

[edit] Hardware team

[edit] Admin team

[edit] Pentabarf team

[edit] Video team

[edit] Talk selection team

  • Ganneff
    • already defined team

[edit] Scheduling team

[edit] Speaker coordination team

[edit] External activities

[edit] Debian day team (+ JSRL interaction)

  • Des
  • Pablo Medrano

[edit] Day trip team

[edit] 15 years party team

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