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[edit] Debconf19 at Curitiba: Hotels

Unfortunately the hotels won't do pre-reservations reservations without any upfront payment, so we can't be 100% sure at this moment about which hotel specifficaly we would be using. However, once the bid is accepted and we have some budget, we will make reservations as soon as possible to make sure we get the more convenient option for the attendees.

These are the hotels we plan to use, listed in order of distance from the UTFPR campus. Availability is how many people we would be able to fit in each hotel, approximately, taking into account hotel policy of not reversing more than 70% of their capacity to a single customer. Our plan is to fill them up from closer to farther. There are still other hotels in the are that we might use, if needed.

hotel comparison (by distance)
Hotel approx. availability Price per person Venue distance Extra information
Nacional INN 195 people ~U$ 25 ~250 meters Hotel info
Aladdin 62 people ~U$ 25 ~260 meters Hotel info
San Juan Hotel 153 people ~U$ 31 ~626 meters
Victoria Villa Hotel 188 people ~U$ 42 ~670 meters
Lizon Curitiba Hotel 123 people ~U$ 30 ~875 meters
Hotel Nacional INN Torres 120 people ~U$ 31 ~950 meters

[edit] Map

Hotels Map
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