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[edit] The 14th Cheese and Wine party


[edit] When?

Monday, 30 July, 2018, from 20h30 to midnight

[edit] Where?

Next to Restaurant 2

[edit] Why?

Cheese is Good For You. Wine also helps. This C&W is the 14th official DebConf Cheese and Wine party. The first C&W was improvised in Helsinki during DebConf 5, in the so-called "French" room.

Cheese and Wine parties are now a tradition for DebConf. The event is very simple: bring good stuff from your country, preferably edible. Grapes and lactose are both optional: we like cheese and wine, but we love the surprising stuff that people bring from all around the world. Even if you don't bring anything, feel free to participate: our priorities are our users and free cheese.

Some bits from previous C&W:

[edit] Questions?

Write to the debconf-discuss mailing list.

[edit] FAQ

Can I participate to C&W (AKA eat and drink) if I couldn't bring anything?
A: Sure you can. No cheese control at entrance (however, see notes below). No "secret cheese cabal" checklist. But you can certainly find something to bring. No cheese? Maybe some nice bottle of <insert favourite $beverage here>. Or some nice thing to eat from your place. Whatever.

I couldn't bring anything from $HOME but would like to participate. Is there a way to do so?
A: You can help us! C&W helpers meetings will be indicated on this page and announced on debconf-announce.

I brought XXX and don't know where to store it
A: There's a fridge in the video room (MIRC, 7th floor, room 705). Please label your stuff when you put it there.

I forgot what is it that I brought !
A: We'll try to track back what it is that you brought with you.

Anything I should do when bringing goods?
A: Please make sure it is labelled, either from its packaging or by a readable note from you.

[edit] Orga Team and tasks

[edit] Shopping list

  • cheese!
  • barbecue sticks (for cheese labels)
  • paper+pens
  • Transparent film to store leftovers
  • toothpicks
  • plastic wrap or plastic bags
  • breads/crackers (fresh, to be purchased on the day)
    • plain, baguettes, french bread (the best would be to call TBD - a really good bakery X mins away from the venue - a day in advance and make sure they'll have enough baguettes)
    • gluten-free crackers
    • corn chips (are gluten-free)

[edit] Taiwan Customs Regulations

The Taiwan customs declaration does not explicitly state a limit on cheese. We have not heard so far about any issues importing cheesy stuff.

[edit] Vegan options

Vegans do not eat cheese. Can they still attend?

  • We have a vegan cheese/goods corner since debconf15, including vegan cheese and vegan chocolate. This is planned for this year again, too. (Rhonda)

[edit] Non drinker options

Q: I don't drink alcohol. Can I still attend?

A: Of course, please attend and enjoy! If there is not enough non-alcohol please purchase some and DPL will reimburse you.

[edit] What will be available during the party?

Please choose one, two, or exceptionnally three, representative cheeses or food items from a place (list of cheeses).

It is recommended to target pieces that can be cut in about 10/20 slices/portions/whatever each.

We will try to label stuff based on the information pasted on this list, so please follow template to help generate labels!

  • [1] Cachaça Carvalheira, 38% Alcoholic drink, Brazil, by lenharo
  • [2] Paçoquita, Candy with nuts, Brazil, by lenharo
  • Cachaça 51 Ouro, 40% Alcoholic drink, Brazil, by samueloph
  • Pé-de-moleque, Candy with nuts, Brazil, by samueloph
  • Homemade beer, Beer, French Polynesia, by taffit
  • French wine, Wine, French Polynesia, by taffit
  • Metsovone (Μετσοβόνε), Cheese, Greece, by apoikos
  • Graviera (Μιτατοτύρι) with hot pepper, Cheese, Crete - Greece, by apoikos
  • Malagousia (Μαλαγουζιά), Wine (white), Porto Carras winery, Greece, by apoikos
  • Agiorgitiko (Αγιωργίτικο), Wine (red), Nemea, Greece, by apoikos
  • 84 months old Parmigiano Reggiano, Cheese, Italy, by enrico
  • 日本酒 (Sake), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Hideki Yamane (henrich)
  • 梅酒 (Umeshu), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Hideki Yamane (henrich)
  • ゆず酒 (Yuzu-shu, Sake with Yuzu), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Hideki Yamane (henrich)
  • 柿の種(Kaki-no-tane)(わさび味, Wasabi taste), Snack, Japan, by Hideki Yamane (henrich)
  • Mezcal (specifically, Mezcal Alacrán de agave espadín), Alcoholic drink, Mexico, by gwolf
  • Queso cavero marinado en cerveza, Cheese, Mexico, by gwolf
  • Queso manchego botanero (somewhat hot!), Cheese, Mexico, by gwolf
  • Queso doble crema Chiapas, Cheese, Mexico, by gwolf
  • Cachaça Orgânica da Chapada Diamantina, 40% Alcoholic drink, Brazil, by valessio
  • 'live made' Caipirinha, Alcoholic Coctail, Brazil, by DebConf19
  • Paçoquinha, Candy with Nuts, Brazil, by valessio
  • Cachaça, Alcoholic drink, Brazil, by phls
  • Dulce de leche (800g), Milk Sweet, Brazil, by phls
  • Durian sweets, Sweet, China, by lamby
  • chak-chak, Sweet, Russia, by liubov
  • Soju (a traditional one, "문배술"), 40% Alcoholic drink, South Korea, by Changwoo Ryu (cwryu)
  • Red & White Valençay wine, Wine, France, by guilhem
  • Saucisson Sec (pork), France, by treinen
  • Ptasie mleczko vanilla candy covered in chocolate, Sweet, Poland, by serpent
  • Hopfa Orange, 40% Alcohol, from hop, Germany, by serpent
  • Heiland, 23% Alcohol, dark beer extract, Germany, by serpent
  • Schmitzz, Alcoholic drink, Germany, by serpent
  • World cup themed gelatine candy, Germany
  • Chinese Hot Strip (La Tiao), Snack, China, by felixonmars
  • Flowers pastry(鮮花餅), snack, Yu'xi China, by lumin
  • 白酒(Baijiu), Alcoholic drink, China, by Shengjing Zhu
  • Tansan Senbei (炭酸せんべい), Green Tea/Milk Taste Cracker, Japan, by Jun Nogata (nogajun)
  • Pie-no-mi (パイの実), Sweet azuki beans taste Snack, Japan, by Jun Nogata (nogajun)
  • Bisco (ビスコ), Cream sand biscuits, Japan, by Jun Nogata (nogajun)
  • rakija, alcoholic drink ~40-45% from Bosnia/Serbia, zlatan
  • Czech white and red wines by onovy and kobla
  • 日本酒 (Sake), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Tetsutaro KAWADA (t3rkwd)
  • おやつ (Oyatsu), Snack, Japan, by Tetsutaro KAWADA (t3rkwd)
  • 発泡性日本酒 (Sparking-Sake-Mio), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Norimitsu Sugimoto (dictoss)
  • 歌舞伎揚(one of senbei) (Senbei), Snack, Japan, by Norimitsu Sugimoto (dictoss)
  • みかん酒(mikan sake), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Duck
  • 山形正宗(nihonshu from Yamagata), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Duck
  • 海老煎餅(Shrimp Senbei), Cracker, Japan, by Duck
  • ソルト&カマンベールクッキー (Salt & Camembert Cookie), Snack, Japan, by Duck
  • Soju(소주, Korean alcoholic drink, Chamisul Fresh), Cup Ramens, Hutgaecha(헛개차, Tea of Hovenia ducis), Canned fried chicken(불닭볶음), Canned spicy tuna by Youngbin Han and Jongmin Kim
  • 日本酒 from 鹿野酒造, 常きげん (Sake), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Norbert Preining (preining)
  • 牛蒡/ゴボウ (Gobo, edible burdock), snack, Japan, by Norbert Preining (preining)
  • two kind of pickled fish, Japan, by Norbert Preining (preining)
  • Plum Wine (梅酒), Japan, by Roger Shimizu (rosh)
  • Bergbauernkäse (Mountain cheese), South Germany, Max Harmathy
  • Senner Bärlauchkäse (bears garlic cheese), South Germany, Max Harmathy
  • Ammergauer Feuerkäse (chili cheese), South Germany, Max Harmathy
  • Andechser Bergkäse (Mountain cheese), Austria, Max Harmathy
  • Bügerspital Würzburg, Grauer Burgunder trocken 2016, Franken (South Germany), Max Harmathy
  • Bügerspital Würzburg, Silvana trocken 2015, Franken (South Germany), Max Harmathy
  • Mimolette, Ossau-Iraty, old dry goat cheese, various samples of French soft cheese; 2 wine bottles, Bordeaux 2009 (médaille d'or) and Gigondas 2004 (médaille d'or); Georges Khaznadar & Jocelyne Fournier
  • Kalamata olives, by paravoid
  • Honey & chocolate halva, by paravoid
  • Ouzo (anice-flavored liquor, tastes like sambuca, dilute with ice/water), by paravoid
  • Mastiha liquer (sweetened with sugar, served cold and/or with ice), by paravoid
  • Comté 36 Mois, France, Cheese, cow milk, by olasd
  • Ossau-Iraty, France, Cheese, sheep milk, by olasd
  • Tomme d'Auvergne, France, Cheese, cow milk, by olasd
  • Pineau des Charentes blanc, France, Alcoholic drink (20 deg.) olasd
  • Pineau des Charentes rouge, France, Alcoholic drink (20 deg.), olasd
  • Dried fish strings, Taiwan, pollo
  • Litchi jelly, Taiwan, pollo
  • Gudbrandsdalsost, brown goat and cow milk cheese, Norway, by tfheen
  • Homemade White Wine (only 5 bottles in existance ;-))
  • Apple Fruit Spirit
  • 日本酒(nihonshu from Hokkaido/Asahikawa)/男山(Otokoyama), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (iwamatsu)
  • Some Japanese snack, Snack, Japan, by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (iwamatsu)
  • 日本酒 久保田 千寿 (Kubota Senju), Alcoholic drink, Japan, by Shunsuke Yoshida (koedoyoshida)
  • Vietnamese dried pork meat with spices home made by my adopted daughters mother, tille
  • 日本酒 (Sake) (黄桜 呑 and 月桂冠 辛口 純米), Alcoholic drink, Japan, gniibe
  • 柿の種 (Japanese snack), gniibe
  • cheetara (Japanese cheese + cod), gniibe
  • Fried squid (イカ天大将), gniibe
  • 梅酒 (Japanese plum wine), knok
  • Wasabi taste beens snack, knok
  • Bergkäse Allgäu (10 months), Benjamin
  • Chartreuse Jaune (Yellow Chartreuse), nodens
  • 柿ピーナッツ (柿の種(Kaki-no-tane) & ピーナッツ(peanuts)) - normal and wasabi taste, snack, Japan, by YOSHINO Yoshihito (yyoshino-guest)

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