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We're looking forward to your presentation, so here are some practical considerations that will make it easier for you to concentrate on your content, not some last minute glitch.

Feel free to add any tips or advice for DebConf18-Taiwan presenters. For example, see talk:Advice-for-presenters where there are some unanswered questions. As of July 2018, this is an edited copy of last year's recommendations.


[edit] Multiply Redundancies

Stuff happens, and happens more when in a new place with new people, new tech, new language etc. Assume something won't go as you planned, and give yourself some redundant resources to fall back on. For example, copy your talk to multiple places or USB drives, maybe you could carry a paper copy. If you spend an hour figuring out your laptop's or mobile's display-output the day before, it might still break the next day. It's always less stressful to have a planB or C, just in case.

[edit] Publishing your slides

Please publish your DebConf presentation media and slides within the Debian project. The service is the place to do this. Some previous year slides are archived at: "". DebConf videos and some other media are archived at ""

(In 2017, the way to publish slides was to have your ssh public key published in your Alioth [1] account, or to email your presentation, so it was eventually added to the repository. As of 2018, Salsa provides services which partially replace some features of the former Alioth service. The following hints may help you to move your collaboration efforts from Alioth to Salsa. "")

And i

For more information

  • IRC: #debconf-content[at]oftc
  • Mail alias content[at]
  • If no more complete information is available, the video-team will have up-to-date information about where to publish slides.

[edit] Display Output, resolution, aspect ratio, etc

There are some important information regarding your display output that you should be aware of. Please take a look at the Video team documentation to avoid last-minute embarrassment and fiddling with slides and display settings.

[edit] Water

If possible, bring something to drink during the talk. Bottled water is the norm in Taiwan, and should be easily available, but bring your own to your podium. There might be water bottles at the speaker's desk.

[edit] Templates

Debian presentation templates for various architectures, and an archive of previous talks can be found on the main Debian wiki:

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