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[edit] Summary

[edit] Registration

People cannot change their own data anymore after the last change.

[edit] Volunteering system

Volunteering system will be merged to master today.

An upstream PR will be made shortly after.

[edit] Content

Schedule discrepancies have been fixed and emails to announce the official schedule are on their way.

[edit] Conference dinner

The alcohol permit for the tower will be delayed for bureaucracy issues.

The contract for the tower is not yet signed because people are still in vacation.

[edit] Artwork

We had a minor issue with t-shirt shipping, but hopefully everything should be taken care of today.

Valessio will prepare the video loops.

[edit] Videoteam

The ordered equipment has been delivered; shipping has been sorted; rental is being sorted for the rest of the equipment.

We'll use a local 4TB raid 5 for the videoteam.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • tvaz
  • lavamind
  • olasd
  • DLange
  • gwolf
  • taowa
  • medicalwei[m]
  • czchen
  • znoteer
  • bremner
  • valessio
  • LeLutin
  • nattie
  • cate
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