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[edit] Venue & Accomm

pollo will follow with powerbars and extensions to be borrowed from LAN ETS. For the cord we'll need these lenght of extension cords:

  • 5 x 20'
  • 2 x 40'
  • 1 x 50'
  • 2 x 100'

The Welcome document is WIP, about 75% done.

  • [ACTION] lavamind to append the airport arrival and transport info to the PDF doc to include images
  • [ACTION] tvaz to add a link to getting_there wikipage in "About" -> "Debconf" -> "The Venue"

[edit] Conference dinner

Delphine will be hired to serve alcohol for the conference dinner too. We will buy the alcohol sold ourselves, likely from Peluso for the beer and SAQ for the wine.

We will give the list of all of our attendees to the tower and will have to make sure to control the entries ourselves. We will need at least 1 volunteer for that.

  • [ACTION] tvaz will speak with le dîner to confirm we want the 2nd person to serve alcohol
  • [ACTION] tvaz to ask le dîner for glasses for the party

[edit] Food & Beer

Things are going well with Benelux.

  • [ACTION] tvaz to ask le dîner a quote for coffe break snacks/biscuits

[edit] Infrastructure

We would need a managed gig switch (5 port or more), as we already have 100mbit switches (with gig uplink).

  • [ACTION] WiFi in cafeteria is flaky (one AP is visibly broken/offline), lavamind to ping Martin next week about that

[edit] Rooms allocation

Everything is going well and the hotel is 100% settled.

We are waiting for the room numbers for RVC, otherwise we are on track (rooming list is sent and we have floor plans).

Onsite allocation will start soon. We'll try to have only 4 people per room if possible.

[edit] Content & OD situation

Fixes for the OD schedule are almost done:

  • [ACTION] tvaz will send a mail to debconf-announce
  • [ACTION] tvaz will send an email to speakers letting them know the date/time of their talks

[edit] Front Desk & shopping

FD will open on August 1st, and hours will be 10h to 18h (closed at lunch).

lavamind and nattie will be around to do errands July 29th and 30th (may include cookies for the coffee breaks).

lavamind will follow up on FD phone, if softphone doesn't work out, we'll buy a local SIM and use an old device of lavamind's.

Pollo will lend us a cash box, we need a second one

We'll use Canada Post money orders to transfer funds from the cashbox to SPI -

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