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[edit] Summary

[edit] Registration

Registration was closed this morning.

We agreed people that are not registered will be given handmade badges upon FD registration, allowed to pay pro/corp fees if applicable and get a meal card.

[edit] Job Fair

We agreed swag for the swag bag should either arrive by mail before the 31st or in person on venue by noon on the 4th, or it will be best-effort.

[edit] Content

Schedule is published, a few new talks / BOFs need to be scheduled still.

We agreed self-schedule opens the day before on a glass pane at FD; sessions should be registered in wafer beforehand (if possible); azeem will fill the schedule for the next day on the evenings.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • azeem_
  • olasd
  • lavamind
  • DLange
  • nattie
  • bremner
  • larjona
  • taowa
  • abdelq
  • medicalwei
  • ana
  • medicalwei[m]
  • czchen
  • tvaz
  • LeLutin
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