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July 5th local team meeting at lavamind's place.

Present: pollo, abdelq, LeLutin, tvaz, tassia, lavamind


[edit] Notes

[edit] 1. Antiharrasemment

Two attendance bans were consented due to harassment reports and requests. One was supposed to come to the conference and will be notified. The other is not registered, so no further action needed.

[edit] 2. Open Day Schedule

[edit] 3. Venue

  • On July 30 we need to be ready to receive the tables and manage the arrangements (chairs, tables etc)
  • Vivoir (Rex) will be setup with tables in the back section and chairs only in the front, and the small stage

[edit] 4. Accommodation

[edit] Onsite

  • tiago to send ASAP an email asking people who got bursaries to voluntarily move to RVC. We should notify people that we'll make lottery if we don't get enough volunteers. We need about 40 people. We'll provide bus passes if requested (only valid from sunday to sunday).
    • Deadline: July 15 (with probably some flexiblity)

[edit] RVC

[edit] Hotel

  • We still have a few free rooms and no cancelation fees are expected if advised in more than 24h
  • attendee request
    • there was a request to upgrade to a hotel double room to accomodate for a whole family. the team is ok with this

[edit] 5. Food

  • stats/overview
  • anything else to report/ask le diner? (ask if they can serve outside - parc de maisonneuve)
  • logistique pour le conference dinner (not in the tower anymore)
  • service pour la bière benelux pendant la conférence (from 6pm to 1am)

[edit] 6. Registration

  • nothing substantial is happening here
  • confirmation process is still on standby

[edit] 7. Daytrip

  • tassia improved the wiki, we have already agreed with the options. Needs to building the team lead for each activity.
    • lavamind to lead the biodome/botanical garden
    • pollo to lead lachine bike tour
    • abdel to lead arts tour
    • gabriel to lead hiking activity
  • tassia will call 311 to confirm everything with parc de maisonneuve
    • free!
    • 250 people inside (~180 people seated)
    • 20 bathrooms
    • picnic tables available and can be placed in front of the building to make things easier to us
  • pollo to add a closer place for bikes rental in the wiki

[edit] 8. C&W:

  • in the garden and rex, so we think drinks and cheese should be spread around the two rooms
  • Nicolas cheese master
  • tiago will talk to Nicolas if they need anything from catering service

[edit] 9. Group photo arrangements

  • pollo to contact the usual photographer, or find a replacement
  • pollo to add the group photo to the schedule depending on when the photographer can do it

[edit] 10. Visa

  • abdel to send a mail to debconf-announce@ to urge ppl who still haven't started procedures for visa to do it NOW.
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