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[edit] Summary

[edit] Bursaries

Round 2 of travel bursaries has come and gone; there will be no round 3, since we're all out of money.

[edit] Registration

We are at 364 attendees at the moment.

Nicolas Dandrimont did some work on PayPal integration.

Pollo will get access to the Debian PayPal instance in case something goes wrong.

We also agreed the conference dinner will cost 7.50 CAD instead of 23 CAD and DebConf will pay the 15.50 CAD difference.

[edit] Volunteering system

abdelq has started working on the volunteering system. A new sprint will be scheduled, since the one on Sunday did not take place.

[edit] Venue & accommodation

Venue's rental staff left for vacation and this will give us some problems since we still need some input and modifications from them.

[edit] Content

pollo will take on the Open Day tasks.

Talks have been rated by the content team. Gunnar says we are still far from a preliminary schedule and that he does not have time to work on that next week.

The content team will try to come up with a solution with regards to cancelled talks showing up as public.

[edit] Artwork

The printer has received our payment and has started printing t-shirts and bags. We also got confirmation we'll have everything in time for DebCamp.

A script to generate the badges is 95% done.

[edit] Videoteam

Things are moving and "we should be on track for a not-too-hectic DebCamp".

[edit] Minutes

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • lavamind
  • olasd
  • azeem
  • DLange
  • medicalwei
  • czchen
  • tvaz
  • abdelq
  • tiago
  • bremner
  • nattie
  • valessio
  • larjona
  • znoteer_s
  • FourDollars
  • LeLutin
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