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[edit] Summary

[edit] Registration

No work has been done on either Stripe not Django Admin integration.

It looks like we have a PayPal account with SPI already, so we might want to look into this instead of Stripe.

Total registration records: 183

[edit] Venue & Accommodation

Self-booking to the hotel is extended until June 1st.

Insurance contract for the venue is under review by SPI.

We will cancel 4 rooms (max possible) at Hotel Universel from the 10 we reserved since we are planning to use only 3 at the moment.

[edit] Content

62 talks & events have been submitted. Good progress rating talks has been done. Content team is nearly ready to announce the first batch of talks.

[edit] Bursaries

No news on that side. Django Admin integration might be a blocker.

[edit] Approval of the new DebConf Code of Conduct

We'll decide if we approve the new CoC or not on May 15th.

Original CoC:

Proposed CoC:

[edit] Artwork

We have an email alias ( and have started working on a timeline.

[edit] DC18 status update

The team is still working hard on TO process.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • lavamind
  • gwolf
  • tvaz
  • DLange
  • czchen
  • larjona
  • medicalwei
  • madduck
  • hare1039
  • znoteer
  • abdelq
  • highvoltage
  • LeLutin
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