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[edit] Summary

[edit] Registration

We have some work to do on the registration form for the website but little has been done in the last 2 weeks. Local team has a sprint on March 4th to work on this and other stuff.

[edit] Accommodation

We reserved 30 rooms at McGill RVC for self-paying, from Aug 7th to 13th. We will get individual locks for each classroom dorms at Maisonneuve.

[edit] Venue

We are waiting for the venue people to send us back a draft.

[edit] Catering

Still waiting on caterer for the final version of the contract.

[edit] Fundraising

Still looking for someone to lead the fundraising team.

[edit] DC18 status update

Typhoon risks are quite high for DC18 and dates & arrangements will have to factor this. will surely be the Trusted Org for DC18. Work is being done on this.

[edit] Artwork

People want to start printing stickers to distribute them at FOSS conferences so we will try to have sticker artwork ready very soon.

[edit] Meeting schedule

Meetings are now at 15:00 UTC to accommodate Dc18 folks.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] People present

  • lavamind
  • pollo
  • olasd
  • czchen
  • tvaz
  • Peter_tw
  • medicalwei
  • paulliu
  • bremner
  • larjona
  • Ganneff
  • LeLutin
  • RignonNoel
  • PJain___
  • azeem
  • cate
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