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[edit] Summary

[edit] Deciding swag

We decided we would try to get reusable grocery bags in addition to the DebConf t-shirts. Sadly, Valessio won't be able to help with design until May. Renata is trying to step up on this.

[edit] Content team

Wafer is ready back-end side for the CfP. The actual form needs to be reviewed by the content team. The goal is to open talk submissions on February 1st.

[edit] Visa and Bursaries teams

Olasd has agreed to lead the bursaries team effort and will contact Bremner to "download his brain".

Abdel has started working on visas. He wrote to the Canadian government (letter of international conference intention) and has received an answer. He's coordinated with azeem to get some mentoring.

[edit] Catering

A few people reviewed the contract, but we still need some other to do so. Tiago sent a mail about this on the ML.

[edit] Venue

We are still waiting for the venue managers to update the draft with the items we asked for.

Regarding childcare, we may be able to have volunteers take care of it and not hire a company. *We are still looking for at least 1 other volunteer for childcare*!

[edit] Accommodation

We got a new proposition from he hotel manager (it's in ownCloud). They agreed to 40 rooms at 159 CAD base price instead of 20.

Lavamind is still working for them to add a few details in the contract. We talked about the way the charge people for the hotel and were advised charging people directly instead of letting them deal with the hotel themselves would be a bad idea.

[edit] Website

We are aiming for a website registration sprint on the 28th or the 29th. The talk submission modules have been enabled in wafertest.

[edit] Fundraising

lavamind and pollo will take the leads from MIA people.

[edit] Info on the DebConf Committee

We'll have two meetings hopefully chaired by OdyX, one to poke at the bids and then probably have open questions resolved before the second meeting where a decision should be taken. More details on the ML.

[edit] How can people working remotely help

The wiki needs some love.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • lavamind
  • shirish
  • tumbleweed
  • DLange
  • tvaz
  • olasd
  • abdelq
  • Ganneff
  • h01ger
  • bremner
  • cate
  • highvoltage
  • larjona
  • nicoo
  • LeLutin
  • zlatan
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