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[edit] Summary

[edit] DC16 finances & final report

DC16 finances are almost complete, UCT should have been paid by now.

Abdel also volunteered to review the LaTex code indiebio wrote for the final report.

[edit] Venue

We were able to find some informations about the insurance the venue wanted us to subscribe to. It would cost us around 1k CAD.

We will try to talk to the venue people about a few quirks for next meeting.

[edit] Website

Valessio coded CSS for the website, but couldn't make it work for Wafer. The plain html version can be fond here:

Some work must be done on Wafer soon.

[edit] Accommodation

No work on that side was done, so no update.

[edit] Fundraising

We have 90 potential sponsors and have yet to contact a third of it.

[edit] Non-profit status

LeLutin registered a local non-profit for us!

[edit] Conference program

A few weeks ago, lavamind & tiago visited the Montreal Olympic Tower. We decided we would eat dinner at Maisonneuve (fancier than a normal meal but not as fancy as previous conference dinners) and then have a fancy soirée at the top of the Olympic Tower, with drinks and live music.

[edit] Catering

A meeting has been arranged with one of the potential caterers to test their food. We should have results for the next meeting.

[edit] Next meeting

Current meeting time was not working for a few of us. We decided to change the meeting time to 10:00 EST (15:00 UTC) on Mondays every other week.

This means the next meeting will be on Monday 14 Nov 15:00 UTC

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Action items

  • abdelq
- abdelq to review the DC16 final report
  • pollo
- pollo to poke Noel about stripe + wafer
- pollo to move the wafer todo from gobby to kanboard
- pollo to poke tumbleweed about wafer todo list
- pollo to write a meeting summary on the wiki + ML

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • lavamind
  • tvaz
  • LeLutin
  • DLange
  • cate
  • abdelq
  • tumbleweed
  • madduck
  • highvoltage
  • ginggs
  • gxg
  • billux
  • bremner
  • h01ger
  • soli
  • larjona
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