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[edit] Summary

[edit] Welcome to new locals!

Recently, three new people joined our group:

  • soli (fundraising)
  • abdelq (immigration & visa)
  • bibit (dealing with non-technical stuff such as talking to companies)

[edit] Conference program

A first speaker has been contacted but declined. 2 more people will be contacted soon!

We also talked about a possible conference theme but could not agree on anything.

[edit] Catering

Tiago has not had time to do anything. More news next meeting!

[edit] Website

Valessio proposed some visuals:

He said he would start working on CSS soon.

[edit] Accommodation

We talked a lot and decided:

  • we would plan for a majority of sponsored people to stay in classrooms
  • we would rent as much hotel rooms as we can without risk to give us the option to have a majority of sponsored people at the hotel if we wish
  • we will not consider asking sponsored people to pay a delta to get a hotel room

[edit] Budget draft

Budget has been drafted! A few things are missing, but we are looking for around 230-50K CAD to raise from sponsorship.

We need a 5M CAD civil liability insurance for the venue :(

[edit] New meeting time

We will keep this meeting schedule (meetings on thursdays 20:00 UTC each 2 weeks) since we could not find something better.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Action items

  • lavamind & madduck
* to work on potential risk-free rooms to reserver at the hotel
  • pollo
* to find someone to look into private assurances for our stuff
* to find someone to find out how much a 5M$ insurance would cost us
* to write summary of the meeting on the wiki + ML 

[edit] People present

  • pollo
  • madduck
  • lavamind
  • DLange
  • tvaz
  • soli
  • bremner
  • abdelq
  • olasd
  • jathan
  • h01ger
  • larjona
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