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[edit] Summary

[edit] Catering status

We are still receiving questions from catering companies. We also added a new quote in ownCloud.

[edit] Venue status

People at Maisonneuve are still working on the draft. We will make sure catering with Chartwells is optional.

[edit] Fundraising status

We decided that we will attach the flyer with our contact emails, and put the brochure URL in the message body. The brochure & the flyers are finished and emails should be sent to sponsors soon.

[edit] Open Day vs Open Weekend

We agreed we would have an Open Day on Saturday Aug 5th. If we have enough stuff, we might consider to make it an Open Weekend.

We also decided to drop the Open Day sponsors booths perk, since it's pretty much the same thing as Job fair booths.

[edit] Budget / Accounting status

A draft budget will be done for next meeting.


This will be the DC17 logo:

[edit] DebConf poll

Working on a poll:

[edit] Varia

The videoteam will hold a sprint in Paris in November, just after the Cambridge mini-conf.

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Action items

  • tvaz will take over dealing with Chartwells
  • lavamind to follow-up about the draft venue contract
  • lavamind and pollo to fix the brochure today, after which it will be Ready(tm)
  • pollo to hash out draft budget, taking over from aviau
  • pollo to gather budget estimates from the various teams
  • LeLutin, tvaz and valessio to work on applying logo & style to the website
  • LeLutin, tvaz, valessio and renata to work on applying logo & style to the website
  • pollo to post notes on the wiki & mailing list
  • pollo to commit tasks to Kanboard

[edit] People present

  • lavamind
  • madduck
  • pollo
  • azeem
  • DLange
  • tvaz
  • tumbleweed
  • LeLutin
  • tassia
  • maxy
  • abdelq
  • tamo
  • bremner
  • valessio
  • highvoltage
  • nicoo
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