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Coordination for the writing of the DebConf17 Final Report


[edit] Instructions and README

Files for the report structure already exist in the Debconf-data reports' git repository dc17 subfolder.

Many of the articles can be written even before the events in question happen, perhaps with a few gaps left to fill in exact details later.

If you don't have access to Git yourself, ask on IRC or send your contribution to the debconf-team mailing list.

Before writing a new article, please see the README.writers file. See also picauthors.tex and don't forget to check if you are correctly listed in credits.tex

Pictures must be CC-BY-SA 3.0 licensed.

[edit] List of articles to be written

That's a prioritization proposal, it doesn't imply anything on the relative importance of the various subjects, just what *must* be in the final report, what **should** be in the final report and what would be *nice to have* there. If you care about having a subject in particular talked about in the final report, just write the report for it. :-)

[edit] First priority

Article File Author(s) Comment Text Status Pictures
Welcome text welcome.tex lavamind Ready for proof [1], [2]
Purpose of DebConf purpose.tex abdelq Ready for proof [3]
Content content.tex gwolf, tiago [4], [5], [6]
OpenDay openday.tex lavamind, pollo, znoteer Ready for proof
Attendee impressions impression.tex highvoltage
Budgeting budget.tex pollo 95% done, can't finish until the sponsors mess is cleared up
DebConf17 in numbers numbers.tex tiago,lavamind
Credits (team list) credits.tex pollo Read for proof

[edit] Second priority

Article File Author(s) Comments Text Status Pictures
The DebConf17 venue venue.tex lavamind [7]
Food food.tex tiago, tassia Ready for proof [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13]
Formal dinner fdinner.tex lavamind [14], [15]
DayTrip daytrip.tex pollo, abdelq, LeLutin, lavamind, znoteer Ready for proof [16]
Video video.tex pollo Ready for proof
Networking network.tex LeLutin In progress
Words from the DPL words-dpl.tex lamby Ready for proof [17]
Registration registration.tex nattie, LeLutin Ready for proof [18]

[edit] Nice-to-have's

Article File Author(s) Comment Text Status Pictures
The DebConf17 bid process bidprocess.tex
Cheese and Wine party cheeseandwine.tex olasd [19], [20], [21], [22]
Freetime activities freetime.tex

[edit] Suggestions for pictures


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