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In order to subscribe, add your name to the Participants list under your chosen option.

The date of the daytrip is the 9th of August.

Five different options are available. Participants should choose one, spend the day outside, and be back to have dinner at the College, as usual. Any costs related to the trip, such as entrance fees, will be covered by participants.

A packed lunch will be provided by DebConf. Please pick it up at the cafeteria at 9:30 AM.

We'll then gather in the P2 parking lot of the College, near the Rue Nicolet entrance, at 10:00 AM to form up in groups and depart.

[edit] 1. Biodome and/or Botanical garden

The Montreal Biodome is a facility located at Olympic Park that allows visitors to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas. The Montreal Botanical Garden is a large botanical garden, comprising 75 hectares (190 acres) of thematic gardens and greenhouses [Source: Wikipedia].

Both attractions are located very close to the venue, the group will be assembled at College Maisonnneuve and walk together.

If at list 15 people are interested, we would pay the group price.

  • 1 site
    • Individual price: $ 20,25
    • Tarif de groupe (15+ people): $ 13,75
  • 2 sites
    • Individual price: $ 35,00
    • Tarif de groupe (15+ people): $ 24,50


  • lavamind

[edit] Participants:

  • adamm
  • bkuhn (would like to do the Arts circuit instead, now added below)
  • mjkuhn(would like to do the Arts circuit instead, now added below)
  • gniibe family (Gniibe (talk), hitoe, hiroshi, ayumi)
  • ivadasz (Imre Vadász)
  • urbec
  • serpent (Tomasz Rybak)
  • karen family (4 total)
  • paulliu (Ying-Chun Liu)
  • mwei (Yao Wei)
  • plugwash (Peter Michael Green)
  • axhn

[edit] 2. City tour

This option is for people who are comfortable with walking and like spending time at urban environments, exploring neighborhoods, walking and using public-transport to move around. The tour could possibly include 3 different neighborhoods: downtown, mile-end and old-port. We aim to have one guide per ~10 people.

Routes still to be defined, some to get inspired:


  • Abdelhakim Qbaich (abdelq)
  • znoteer

[edit] Participants:

  • Aaron Ucko (ucko)
  • Solomon Ucko
  • Emmanuel Kasper (manu)
  • Sonja Rohleder
  • Jonathan Bustillos (jathan)
  • Melanie
  • Luciano
  • Michael Meskes
  • Andreas (aboll)
  • Gudrun (gboll)
  • Alkis (alkisg)
  • Foteini (fottsia)
  • Aigars Mahinovs (aigarius)
  • Dave Steele (steele)
  • Denver Gingerich (ossguy)
  • W. Martin Borgert (debacle) - interested in vieux Montréal
  • andrewsh, possibly
  • Stefan Fritsch (sf)
  • Gunnar Wolf <gwolf>
  • Moritz <jmm>
  • Enrico Zini <enrico> (undecided, will only know for sure in the morning of day trip)
  • onovy
  • Kobla
  • tzafrir
  • Milan
  • Lior Kaplan (kaplan)
  • Talat
  • Jeffity
  • adsb
  • Roger Shimizu <rosh>
  • gregor herrmann (gregoa)
  • Daisy Nguyen
  • Tom Marble
  • James Cowgill <jcowgill>
  • David Bremner
  • Maria Glukhova <>
  • Madhura (madhuracj) and family (3 total)
  • Philip Hands <fil>
  • Julian Andres Klode <jak> (not entirely sure yet)
  • Ferenc Wágner <wferi>
  • Hoang Van Tuyen

[edit] 3. Hiking at Mont-Royal Parc

The group will leave the venue by metro (metro station Place-des-Arts) and bus (line 80 or 435) until rue Rachel (middle of the park). The idea is to walk up the mountain until the cross (~30-40 min), spend some time at the Belvedere in front of Mount Royal Cross, have lunch as a picnic at the lake. Possibility of pedal boating on the lake and/or a visit to the cemetery.

People that would like to join us at the top can take a bus that goes to the top of Mont-Royal. To take the bus, first go to the Mont-Royal metro station. From there, take bus line 11. You can ask the driver to announce when the bus reached Lac Castor (you can also ask for "Beaver Lake").


  • LeLutin

[edit] Participants:

  • Joost van Baal-Ilic <joostvb@d.o>
  • TiN <tin@d.o>
  • dererk <dererk@d.o>
  • Michal Čihař <nijel@d.o>
  • Rémi Vanicat <vanicat@d.o>
  • Sascha Steinbiss <satta@d.o>
  • Chris Knadle <>
  • Paul Gevers (elbrus)
  • zack with family (3 total)
  • avi <fiendishx at gmail dot com>
  • Clint
  • paultag
  • Dom
  • Kurt Roeckx
  • mollydb
  • Samuel Henrique <>
  • Lucas Kanashiro <kanashiro@d.o>
  • Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@d.o>
  • Gerhard <maestro.gerardo@gm.c>
  • Stephan <absurd@d.o>
  • Dimitri John Ledkov <xnox@d.o>
  • Simon Kainz <skainz@d.o>
  • Matthias Klumpp <mak@d.o>
  • Afif Elghraoui <afif@d.o>
  • Guilhem Moulin <guilhem@d.o>
  • Michael Banck
  • Jan Kiszka
  • AJ Jordan <>
  • Piotr <piotr@d.o>
  • nodens
  • spwhitton
  • jana (janapirat)
  • Julien Cristau
  • Claire David
  • Andreas Tille
  • Melissa Baez
  • Sergio Macías
  • Osamu Aoki <osamu@d.o>
  • hlauer (+1)
  • vagrant (might try to meet people at the park)

[edit] 4. Biking and Kayaking at Lachine Canal

The group will leave the venue and rent bikes for the day. Bike from there to the Old Port (~4.5km), and follow the cycling path towards the canal. Final destination will be René Levesque Park (21 km). It is possible to do kayaking along the canal, rental is available.

Here is a Graphhopper map.


  • bike rental -- 25$
  • kayak -------- 20 to 35$ (depends on time)
  • fun ---------- Free!


  • pollo

[edit] Participants:

Name Want to kayak Needs to rent a bike How tall are you? (for the bike rental)
1 pollo yes no N/A
2 rondom yes yes 1.81m
3 chrysn yes yes 187cm
4 Clara (TrT) yes yes 182cm
5 Rhonda yes yes 1.93m
6 Doko yes yes tall
7 Bobby yes yes 185 cm
8 pollito yes no (pollito strapped to pollo's bike) 50 cm
9 lhark yes no N/A
10 noel yes yes 1.88m = XL
11 tobi yes yes 1.70m
12 olasd yes yes 1.85m
13 karamelle yes yes 1.74m
14 KiBi yes yes 1.75m
15 kritzefitz yes yes 1.80m
16 ermshiperete yes yes 1.93m
17 tumbleweed yes yes 1.86m
18 OdyX yes yes 1.82m
19 agx yes yes 1.78m
20 jordi yes yes 175cm
21 julian yes yes 1.80m
22 jecg yes yes 1.70m
23 James (purpleidea) no no N/A

[edit] 5. Arts circuit

Warning icon.svg CANCELLED: Because of a lack of local volunteers, we had to cancel this option.
We recommend you join the City tour, as several of the museums and exhibitions will be in the same vicinity.

This option is for those who like to spend a day in museums. There are many indoors and outdoors museum in town, those are some options:

  • Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
  • Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal
  • Centre d'histoire de Montréal
  • Pointe-à-Callière
  • Public Art circuit
  • Chinatown
  • Basilic de Notre-Dame


  • Abdelhakim Qbaich (abdelq) (will be leading the city tour)
  • Valessio Brito (valessio) (hurt his foot)

[edit] Participants:

  • Bradley M. Kuhn <>
  • Mike Kuhn <>
  • Maria Glukhova <>
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