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This is for new people who might be thinking/forming/making proposals -

I would be very very careful about what sort of things you would do in Debconf. Last year I told 10 things and did not do even half of those. The thing is Debconf is overwhelming, it's pretty easy to get into touristy things, attending talks which you hadn't thought of attending. What I mean to say there is a fair amount of unpredictability in Debconf and it will be good to be open for that.

For instance, I found for myself socializing was my thing (meeting people and recoginizing people who were just IRC nicknames) rather than clunking down on the lappy because that is what I/We do anyhow all the time.

You barely have time for your morning duties, have breakfast and then talks and workshops begin. At times it can become too overwhelming so make sure you always dedicate sometime for yourself, maybe even if it's 10-15/30 minutes, just for yourself.

The just above advice was given to me by an experienced Debconfian and it helped me to survive and enjoy Debconf16 to the hilt.

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