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This is the DC16 VideoTeam page. The goal of this page is to document all the aspects of the video process in Cape Town. Also see the VideoTeam main page.


[edit] Getting started

DebConf's video process can be divided in 2 distinct parts:

[edit] Volunteering

If you want to help out during the conference, please register on the volunteer web page (Note: you have to register yourself in the system at least with name, even if you have a SSO login), or just join #debconf-video.

That said, to be able to record, a lot of job needs to be done prior to the conference. If you wish to join the VideoTeam, please register here.

You can also help remotely or postdebconf doing subtitles or translations

[edit] Meeting

You can find our meeting notes here.

[edit] Notes

We forgot a few thing during DC15:

  • DC15 didn't have the video licenses included in the videos themselves, this should be fixed for DC16+
    • the license should be included (and thus directly visible) in both the pre- and the post-role as well as being embedded in the video files as meta information.

[edit] Preparation

We need to get some gear to Cape Town for debconf16:

  • Nicolas Dandrimont (olasd) will be taking care of handling the shipping from IRILL
  • For screen capture, presumably we'll not be using the twinpacts anymore but these HDMI2USB thingies instead; these seemed to work well enough at the cambridge miniconf. If so, we don't need as many firewire-capable laptops; we could then keep the laptops with builtin firewire for the camera connections, and use the X220s for the HDMI2USB thingies.

[edit] Equipment

You can find a list of the equipment we will need here.

[edit] Setup

  Room 1  Main Talk room - DV Switch
  Room 2  Talk room - DV Switch
  Room 3  Talk Room - VoctoMix (Experimental)

[edit] Operation and post DebConf

Back in November 15 at the Cambridge MiniConf we set ourselves a series of goals for DC16:

  • We plan to offer 3 rooms
  • 2 rooms with existing DV switch + 1 Vocto mix
  • Opsis Frame grabbing in all rooms
  • We MAY want to run SDI source for some cameras as well...

Well Success!

  • We have successfully produced video from 3 rooms. 2 using DV switch and 1 on Vocotmix.
  • Screen grabbing was performed using Opsis in all 3 rooms (actually we used an Atlys in room 10 because the 3rd Opsis board was DoA)
  • Bonus points achieved - we also used SDI as our camera source for Vocto Switch

Mostly success... known issues

  • streams have been unreliable.
  • Opsis has problems switching to/from [VGA] capture modes.

[edit] Hacking and config

So what did it take to make this happen (once we were here - a whole bunch of crap had to happen before then, see meeting minutes)


CarlFK (Remote)
  • VoctoMix Scripting
  • FAI config for DV Switch & VoctoMix
  • Director
  • UCT Leiason
  • Opsis enclosures
Ivodd (Remote)
  • Reviewing
MadameZou (Remote)
  • Reviewing
Msantana (Remote)
  • Reviewing
  • Hand carry kit from France!
  • Sort out streaming
  • Setup VoctoMix
  • Setup Opsis
  • Director, Camera, Sound & Runner
  • Setup VoctoMix
  • Scripting for the Opsis board
  • Director, Camera, Sound & Runner
  • Room Setup
  • Equipment Collection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Director, Camera, Sound & Runner
  • DV Switch setup
  • Director, Camera, Sound & Runner
  • Room Setup
  • Operator Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Director, Camera, Sound & Runner
  • Troubleshooting
  • Atlys Setup
  • Opsis Setup
  • Review
  • Director, Camera, Sound & Runner
  • Sponsor loop & annimation
  • Credit roll & titles
  • Audio Transcoding - Nomalisation (M9 / M10) based on CarlFK's scripts
    Committed patches for
    • rsync push (shcnged server)
    • Ported Trunk to Python 3 from Python 2 on vittoria
    • Bug fixes....

Plus many, many, lots people who helped by performing the Director, Camera, Sound & Runner roles most of whom volunteered but at least some were press ganged into roles as talks were starting.... Thank you all.

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