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[edit] Video coverage of DebConf15 talks

[edit] network

Debconf streams two different formats: Theora (OGV) and h.264 (FLV). The Theora stream delivers lower resolution videos than the high resolution h.264 stream.

The main url for streaming is You can choose the format you wish to stream in by choosing the right port:

  • The Theora stream uses port 8000
  • The h.264 stream uses port 9094

The is backed by a relay network around the world. You can either use the global rotation, or select one of those possibly more local to you:

[edit] Direct links

The following are direct links you can use with VLC and other mediaplayers or with your browser:

[edit] Heidelberg

Worldwide North America Europe Asia
Theora heidelberg.ogv heidelberg.ogv heidelberg.ogv heidelberg.ogv
h.264 (higher resolution) heidelberg.flv heidelberg.flv heidelberg.flv heidelberg.flv

[edit] Amsterdam

Worldwide North America Europe Asia
Theora amsterdam.ogv amsterdam.ogv amsterdam.ogv amsterdam.ogv
h.264 (Higher Resolution) amsterdam.flv amsterdam.flv amsterdamg.flv amsterdam.flv

[edit] Berlin-London

Worldwide North America Europe Asia
Theora berlin-london.ogv berlin-london.ogv berlin-london.ogv berlin-london.ogv
h.264 (Higher Resolution) berlin-london.flv berlin-london.flv berlin-london.flv berlin-london.flv

[edit] Recordings

Videos are uploaded to the debconf video archive, once the video has been reviewed. Usually there's about 24 hours' delay.

[edit] Feedback

Please give feedback to the conference organizers and video team.

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