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This page is to help track the planning process for DebConf14 to be held in Portland, OR.


[edit] Presentation at DC13

  • Slides for talk
    • Can safely announce dates; venue and accomodations have been confirmed.
  • Schedule talk
  • Need to be able to answer visa questions. Help from Jimmy?
  • Call for Sponsorship?
  • Confirm who from DC14 will be attending DC13.

[edit] Accommodations

  • Confirmation of PSU dorm housing from Mark Brinkmann, Manager of Summer Housing & Conference Operations.
  • TODO: Check on status of PSU managing room allocations and payments.
  • TODO: Get hotel discount rates for UPlace and other nearby hotels. Publish information for attendees who would rather stay at a hotel than a dorm.

[edit] Venue

  • Confirmation of Smith Memorial Student Union (venue) from Doug Kenck-Crispin. He will send over details to Steve Langasek for review.

[edit] Local Sponsorship

[edit] Pending

[edit] To be Approached

  • Galois (DD employee Isaac Potoczny-Jones)

[edit] Confirmed

  • Sponsored hosting (which gives us a 45% discount) from Portland State University Computer Science Department. Contacts: Dr. Bart Massey and Kristine-Anne Ronquillo Sarreal.

[edit] Denied

[edit] Logistics Details

  • Write up directions on getting to Portland State University from:
    • Airport
    • Train station
    • Interstate

[edit] Community Information

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Hospital Information
  • Food/Pubs in Walking Distance from Campus
  • Write up What To Do in Portland
  • Child care?
    • Anyone able to coordinate Family-Oriented time?
    • 2 Developers needing some sort of child care?

[edit] Day Trip

[edit] Cheese and Wine Party

  • Local Sponsor?
  • Acceptable Venue?
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