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[edit] Front desk shifts


[edit] What does Frontdesk do and how

[edit] Sponsors Bags

  • Reserve bags OUT OF SIGHT (and secured) for sponsors to ensure they will get their bags. There needs to be 1 for every annual sponsor as well as one for every permanent sponsor.
  • Need to know who is coming to represent the sponsor to deliver the bags to try to get them handed out appropriately.
  • Should be sent/handed out by the end of Debconf (preferably during Debconf). Experience tells us otherwise they don't get sent out.

[edit] Registration

  • Needs penta login with a frontdesk-enabled account, viewing
  • Find the person by name search, or from the "Arrivals by date" view
  • Tick "Person arrived at venue"
  • Give them their cup, tick "Has received coffee mug"
  • [Once we have bags] Give them their conference bag and brochures, tick "Conference Bag"
  • [Once we have t-shirts] Look at the "Shirt" field for their t-shirt size, subtract one size if a female size was requested
  • [Once we have t-shirts] Give them a t-shirt of the right size
  • Deal with food tickets (see section below)
  • Click "Save changes"

[edit] Food tickets

  • If they are "Basic; want both sponsored food and accommodation", or are Professional/Corporate and asked for food, give them food tickets for the week, and tick "Food Tickets" -- do not give food tickets if they are in a different category!
  • If they are vegetarian or "special" food, give them the right kind of ticket
  • When giving people food tickets, we should cancel ones for meals that already happened (drawing a cross over them is enough)
  • Tick "Food Tickets"

[edit] Food ticket background

  • Food tickets are being distributed for a week at a time. Food tickets for second week should be given with the conference bag and be marked in "bag" checkbox on Penta.
  • We will ask people to give their time of arrival if they want sponsored food on the day of their arrival
  • People can opt out of food for a specific meal by returning the food ticket (they should do this 24 hours before, or we waste money). The returned tickets should be kept safe so that we can count how many are being returned.

[edit] Sales/Merchandise stuff

There might be merchandise stuff to sell.

  • We will sell additional t-shirts from the start, but announcing that the price will be reduced later.

Tshirts, Jackets, Stickers...

To be defined how that will be handled, but in general, whowever is selling merchandise should make hours at the front desk where they will be available for collecting money and giving out the goods.

[edit] Questions

  • (how) does Frontdesk deal with money, e.g. in the cashbox, and receipts?
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