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Moved to DebConf11/Munich


[edit] Conference Facilities

[edit] University of applied sciences Munich (Hochschule München)

The conference would take place in the building of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (faculty 07):

[edit] Local Team

Person(s) in charge: Jan-Marek Glogowski

[edit] Contact

  • "Prof. Dr. Martin Ruckert" <> (Head of department / Dekan)
  • Christoph Neuroth <> (student representatives of the department / Fachschaft)
Lothstraße 64
D-80335 München

[edit] TODO

  • How much would we pay, if we extend the opening hours from 8pm to 3am for two weeks?
  • What about the wired connectivity?
  • Look for photos; make additional ones for the bid
  • Ask the district council (Bezirksausschuß) for sponsoring (they have a budget to sponsor local events, which is seldomly used).

[edit] Technische Universität München (TUM)

The conference would take place in the Theresianum, part of the main building in the city center.

[edit] Local Team

Person(s) in charge: Michael Banck

[edit] Contact

  • Christian Grothoff (Junior Group Leader at CS department)

[edit] TODO

  • Pick amount of lecture halls needed
  • How much would we have to pay?
  • Inspect Location
  • Look for photos; make additional ones for the bid

[edit] Fun and Free time

  • What activities can be done during the free time?
    • Many activities are possible: german museum, city of munich itself, english garden, whatever.

[edit] What would be a possible Day Trip?

Neuschwanstein Castle
Castle Interior
Surrounding Mountains
    • "Neuschwanstein Castle can only be visited within a guided tour. We offer guided tours in German and English by our own personnel. Visitors who do not speak one of these languages can make use of our audio guide tours, which are available in Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovenian, Russian, Polish, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese and Hungarian."
    • Is the proposed location ready to receive people with disabilities?
      • During the regular tour you will have to climb 169 steps and descend 204.
      • Near the castle there is a toilet for the disabled.
  • Andechs and Dießen
Andechs Abbey
Andechs Brewery
Abbey Biergarten
Concentration Camp Entrance
    • ...
    • Is the proposed location ready to receive people with disabilities?
      • The Memorial Site is accessible to people with disabilities and is equipped with accessible restrooms. Wheelchairs can be borrowed from the museum staff. Please note however that much of the grounds are unpaved and access for wheelchairs may be difficult. There are also some buildings that do not have a wheelchair entrance.
  • Herrenchiemsee Palace|
Herrenchiemsee Palace
State Staircase
Hall of Mirrors
    • Is the proposed location ready to receive people with disabilities?
      • "Paths to the various buildings are sign-posted. The buildings are accessible for wheelchairs. Toilets are available in the visitor centre, the Schlosshotel, the Museum in the Augustinian Monastery and the Royal Palace. In the Museum in the Augustinian Monastery and the Royal Palace there are lifts."
  • Zugspitze
    • ~2960m - germanys highest mountain
  • How expensive would that be?
    • 20~30 Euro / person

[edit] Local Sponsors

  • Do you have a list of prospective sponsors that might be interested in the conference? Money, hardware, connectivity, etc.
Open Source related
City of Munich / Limux
Linux New Media
Internet connection (depending on venue)
Local Transport
MVG (city-owned)
Big munich-based companies
Süddeutscher Verlag
Münchner Rück
Large companies with large local offices and social engagement
Red Hat

[edit] Timing

  • When (and why) would be the best time to host DebConf at your location?

We prefer organizing Debconf11 at the end of August or the beginning of September. Most of July and August are peak season for tourism and negotiating accomodation will be more difficult. Later in September, the Oktoberfest season starts which makes it equally difficult to find accomodation. Finally, it has to be made sure that no major trade fair will happen on the desired date.

  • What is your backup plan if your preferred venue isn't available at that time?

Our second choice is the Kolpinghaus. If this will be not available, there are other possible backup venues like rooms of the TUM (Technical Unviversity Munich) or other parts of the LMU.

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