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[edit] Thank you, videoteam

If you appreciate the videoteam's work, please leave a message here. We truly love to hear your stories, where, what, how and why you watched our videos and how you benefit from our work. Your feedback is very important to us! :-)

  • You all rock. Thanks so so much for brining debconf to the wider world. You all are NINJAS - biella
  • Thanks, I like downloading and viewing the events I missed. - Franklin
  • Thanks for all the great work! - Jorge Castro
  • Thanks for all the work you have done! I love to watch DC by the video streams when i am not able to attend. - Martin Zobel-Helas
  • Many thanks for the videos, wasn't able to attend but watching a few from work was the next best option. - Joel Johnson
  • Thanks (and sorry for not being able to help more) - Luca Capello
  • Many thanks or the work, I've been following a few videos online, good job! - Felipe Sateler
  • Thanks much for a lot of enlightning video streams! - Ferdinand Thommes
  • Thanks so much. I appreciate, even more since I had to care for video capture at LSM and have an idea of how hard it can be sometimes. So cool to see everything live even if stuck at home in France. -- OlivierBerger
  • I've been amazed on how good the work by the video team was this year, being able to watch in real time and ask questions on IRC reduced some of the frustration of not being able to attend. The quality of the video was really good, and I can tell how much attention was made for the quality of sound and mic volumes, with the video team constantly asking for feedback on IRC. The only real issue for me was the poor connectivity to the streams from here in Shanghai, but I don't see how anyone at Debian could be blamed for it. Thanks heaps again. Thomas Goirand (zigo)
  • Thanks from Republic of Belarus! It's really cool ;-) Wasn't able to attend, but thanks to you i can :-)
  • Your work is critical for making Debconf a global event. I always watched the streams for as long as I know that there was Debconf and often go back and watch recordings. The recording of my own talk this year will be a value reference. Thanks a lot - Michael Hanke
  • Thanks to you I heard the magic words "When will you freeze? Now." instantly during breakfast. It's a really great experience to be this close to the Debian Development even when being thousands of miles away! Btw. I used a lot during Debconf - maybe you could do something like this "officially" next time?
  • The amount of work you do during DebConf is amazing and vital to making the conference what it is. Thank you so much! - Russ Allbery
  • I thank you all for your amazing work and look forward to watching the talks I missed - Paul Wise
  • I think enabling people to attend talks remotely to participate in discussions is essential for a project like Debian. So, the work you do is indispensable, and I am one of many who have benefited from it. Kudos to you for doing this - Kumar Appaiah
  • Thanks for all the hard work during the conference and making it possible to get a stream and recordings running, those who couldn't attend (including me) are really really thankful, keep up the good work! -- Nico Golde
  • I didn't watch any video yet this year, but I wanted to give a big thank you, because last year's videos are a big part of what brought me to DebConf10. I also really appreciated the remote interaction of people in talks I attended - DavidBremner
  • Thanks to all volunteers of the video team for your great work: each year you make Debconf a worldwide event! I will enjoy to review talks in video. - Gregory Colpart
  • Thanks from Poland! On behalf of Polish Debian Community I want to thank everyone of you for streams and — in advance — for records to download. Personally, as not DebConf participant in person, I find streams and IRC talks essential in making Debian truly global and universal. Keep up the good work and see you on DC11 (or sooner)! -- Paweł „azhag” Sadkowski
  • Good to get to see a couple of things. Also, distributed servers for America, Europe worked really well. I have the DVDs for Debconf5 here: do we now have video from 0-9 available? - - Andy Cater
  • Good job!. Thank you. -- Francisco.
  • Year after year, I'm still surprised of the high quality of your work, which I find way higher than video team support in every other professional/academic conference I've attended thus far. Kudos! - Stefano Zacchiroli
  • Great job, thanks! -- Lukasz Ruminski.
  • I was very disappointed to not be able to attend debconf this year and I'm glad I could follow the talks that were the most interesting to me. Keep up the good job! I hope you'll manage to publish the final videos sooner this year. It would be nice to get a copy of what was streamed a few days after debconf. -- Raphaël Hertzog
  • I enjoyed watching DebConf from home which was made possible by the video team. Kudos - Andreas Tille DebConf@Home
  • I couldn't catch up on all the videos (timezone differences and work life) but for the once I got to see, I am very thankful for the the quality and simplicity. Dhanyavad. -- Ritesh Raj Sarraf
  • This year, I was not able to attend to Debconf and quite frustated at it, but both the accesibility of the videos streams, IRC and the pictures that people put up at flickr (wonder were went) made me at least feel a little bit like I was there. I am really thankful to the team of volunteers that manage the video stream, please, highlight (and picture) them in the final conference report so that I know who I owe some beers to!. Gracias! -- Javier Fernandez-Sanguino (jfs)
  • Unable to attending the conference personally this year it was even more of a pleasure to see the effort done by the video team, especially while doing it also listening and asking for feedback on the corresponding IRC channels. I would have planed for this year to help out myself too (like last year) because I see the need for it - but private things raised their priorities so I actually was in need for it myself. Thanks to the people on the audio mixer for giving their best effort for having even people with not that loud voices understandable. :) Rhonda 18:54, 7 August 2010 (UTC)
  • Many, many, many thanks. It was great to somehow be with you all. -- Lunar^
  • DebConf@home is nearly over, thanks again to the video team. Kudos - Andreas Tille DebConf@Home
  • Thanks videoteam!!!
  • We (Tássia and I) had to leave DC10 two days before the end of the conference. It was great having the Closing Ceremony in our bedroom. Many thanks from Brazil! (btw, Andreas, which nice view you have from your home!) -- tiago DebConf10atHome
  • Greetings to the Videoteam for the great work (Marillion)
  • Thank you Video Team! What you do is critical for the conference, those that cannot attend, Debian as a whole, and the watching world. First class quality. -- Michael Shuler
  • While I was busy organizing, burning out, recovering, un-burning out, attending a few talks, etc., you were busy giving me and everyone else a way to see most of the talks even if we can't be in multiple places at once. It's one of the awesome and unique things about DebConf. Thanks very much, and keep up the great work! -- Jimmy Kaplowitz
  • Been having the web2.0 page in the background while doing paid job. Talk/slide editing was perfect. Audio was good. HTML5 was pure love. Impressive work! Shame for the endless hiccups due to some bit of firefox always getting swapped out, not your fault ;) -- Enrico Zini
  • As always, the video team rocked at DebConf this year. There was no way I could make all the talks, and I'll be downloading the videos to catch up on the stuff I missed very soon! -- Steve McIntyre
  • The material produced by the video team is amazing and helpful for our community. But in addition to their output being good, they are also great to work with. I worked on the networking for DebConf10, and there were networking problems that affected the video-team's ability to accomplish some of their many goals. They took reasonable action in response, alerted those of us on the networking team about the problems, and worked with us to make sure we could fix what needed fixing. Many thanks to the entire v-t for their awesome work, and in particular to Q and edrz and h01ger for helping sort out the issues and staying level-headed in many a tense and high-pressure situation. -- dkg
  • Without beating this issue to death, I wanted to extend another kudos to the video team. I started watching some of the videos and I'm incredibly impressed with their quality. The camera folks did a great job following around the wandering speakers, and I can't believe how quickly and skillfully the videos were edited. Very well done. -- jamie
  • Thanks video team! You're the link between us at the conference and everybody who couldn't make it. You make sure DebConf and Debian stay in sync. This is a hugely important job, and especially the real-time streaming part is almost unique to DebConf, as an event. You rule, continue your great job! -- Guido
  • Couldn't come to NYC, now I'm seeing a few talks using the videos. Thank you very much. I've never meet any DD outside my city (and I really hope to come to Bosnia next year): watching these videos really help me feeling part of a cool community. Thanks again! :-) -- Giovanni Mascellani
  • Wow! Just wow! We couldn't attend this years DebConf, and we really missed it. You really prevented us to get the blues :) -- Alexander "Tolimar" Reichle-Schmehl
  • Wow, again! Some of the streams I missed are already available as pre-release videos! You really rock! -- Alexander "Tolimar" Reichle-Schmehl
  • Great to see that most videos up already, even in beta form! Thank You for your hard work :)
  • Thanks, I really appreciate having these videos so soon. I also think think it's great for advocacy to be able to reach so many more people and I'm glad you could make that happen.
  • I follow Debian like many others follow sports. I follow planet, read some bugs and mailing list messages, but video is a really special treat. Beyond facilitating selfish enjoyment, know that you're contributing to human knowledge. You brought an event out of a small point in space and time, and onto the timeless network of the new consciousness. And although this probably won't be read, buried in so many other accolades, as is deserved... thank you! -- Dave Allen Barker Jr [04:20, 11 August 2010 (UTC)]
  • In the end I couldn't make it and you folks, as ever, did a great job and reduced the withdrawal symptoms. None of the other project conferences that I've been to get good recordings out so fast as well as doing great streaming -- Daniel Glassey
  • DebConf after DebConf, your dedication and skill impress me. Debian is fortunate to have you. Mdz 19:27, 12 August 2010 (UTC)
  • Even though it was my first DebConf, I could attend previous DCs thanks to live streams and recordings made available by the video team. I'm looking forward to watching the talks I missed during DC10. Thanks for this wonderful service and all your work. -- mika
  • Thank you so much. Everything streamed live and recorded for the future! -- Per Andersson
  • Very impressive ... all the work of DebConf10 Team. Thank You for this great work -- Wolfgang Nofi Groiss, Graz, Austria
  • Thank you for a well done job! -- Anibal Monsalve Salazar
  • For bringing DebConf to the rest of us and for recording the great talks for posterity, thank you! You rock! -- José Canelas, Portugal
  • Thanks for donating your time and skills to record all of the sessions I couldn't make, do to time or beer!!!! -- keith (fugit), NY
  • Thanks very much for your work, I was able to follow some of debconf connected to live video and now I'm going to watch some again. -- Stefano Canepa, Genova (IT)
  • Thank you soo much for the great work you did (and will hopefully do again)!! Your work gives a great impression of the Debian Community and Debian in general - especially to people like me, that would like to get part of it, but aren't yet. It gives me an impression of the feeling how it must be, to be part of it. Would be glad if the videos would be linked in a better way - couldn't find any obvious link from the main debian site :( -- john
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