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This page aims at coordinating the subtitling effort of the talks given during the Hamburg Minidebconf18. More detailed info about subtitling can be found in the general subtitles page.

[edit] Steps of the subtitling process

Subtitling a video can be organized in three main steps:

  • transcription: writing what the speaker says. This is clearly the most time consuming step.
  • synchronization: put timestamps on sentences so that they are displayed at the right moment.
  • review: watch the video with subs to look for typos, sync problems, etc. This part is quite easy but is nonetheless really important to ensure good quality of the subs.

[edit] Tools

The currently preferred tool to transcript and sync talks is Amara, a web based subtitling platform. This tool allows contributors to work collectively, which can be really helpful to stay motivated. If you want to use Amara, please register and ask to join the Debconf group.

If you already have experience in subtitling and prefer to work offline (using aegisub, for instance), it is totally possible to do so. In that case, please update the following table to lock the talk you are working on in order to avoid duplicate work.

[edit] Progress Summary

Title Status Duration Video link Amara link Reviews
Opening Ceremony Todo 8:38 Video Amara
CADUS: redefine global solidarity DONE \o/ 30:07 Video Amara 😊 😊 😊 state of affairs Final review in progress 48:02 Video Amara 😊 😊
Metrics-Based Monitoring with Prometheus DONE \o/ 34:03 Video Amara 😊 😊 😊
Parsing Posix [S]hell ToDo 43:56 Video Amara
Software transparency: package security beyond signatures and reproducible builds DONE \o/ 25:04 Video Amara 😊 😊 😊
Debian and Free Software in Cuba, currently activities and projects Final review in progress 35:22 Video Amara 😊
Can your diff(1) do this?! Improving software review & QA with diffoscope Final review in progress 36:48 Video Amara 😊
Help the kernel team help you DONE \o/ 15:13 Video Amara 😊 😊 😊
Skolelinux, quo vadis? ToDo 28:11 Video Amara
Getting (more) Debian into our civil infrastructure Transcription in progress on Amara 35:02 Video Amara
Reproducible buster ToDo 35:57 Video Amara
Software Heritage - Preserving the Free Software Commons DONE \o/ 41:31 Video Amara 😊 😊 😊 - A Build Service for Installation and Cloud Images DONE \o/ 45:45 Video Amara 😊 😊 😊
PostgreSQL and Debian under the Elephant-Shed: Integrated Administration and Monitoring Transcription in progress on Amara 27:05 Video Amara
Ansible best current practices DONE \o/ 23:46 Video Amara 😊 😊 😊
Lightning talks Final review in progress 38:08 Video Amara 😊
Closing Ceremony ToDo 7:04 Video Amara
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