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[edit] Registration

[edit] Who can attend?

DebConf is a technical gathering for people involved, in any way, in the Debian project. While anyone is welcome, the conference is filled to the brim with hard core geekness. If you are interested in Debian but not ready for 24/7 hacking, please join us at the Open Day. If you decide you want to attend the conference, you are welcome to, but at that stage we will not be able to guarantee access to food or accommodation.

[edit] How do I register?

[edit] How do I apply for bursaries (sponsorship) for accommodation/food/travel?

To request bursaries (sponsorship) for food, accommodation, or travel, you must be registered by Friday, 13 April 2018. After this date, new bursary applications won’t be considered.

[edit] How were the travel bursaries allocated?

[edit] Are food and accommodation included in the professional and corporate registration fees?

[edit] If I'm self-paid, can I stay in the same place as the sponsored attendees?

[edit] What if I prefer to stay in a hotel?

[edit] How much does food and accommodation cost?

[edit] I want to be able to eat with the group, but I also plan to enjoy Hsinchu's dining scene. Can I pay à la carte?

[edit] I have someone accompanying me, do they need to register as well?

For those accompanying (significant others, spouses, offspring, etc.), if they intend to participate in the conference proceedings (attend sessions, the day trip, or anything that is part of the conference proper), please have them set up an account at conference system.

If they do not intend to participate in the conference proceedings, they can be registered under your account. See the Family section

[edit] Children

Please note that everyone is welcome to attend, and we encourage accompanying friends or family that might have any interest in joining our community to register for the conference, too!

A childcare service will be available at DebConf18.

We've set up a separate childcare page to answer all your questions.

[edit] What are the options to get around?

See the DebConf18/Getting_Around page for transport options.

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