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* Website of the activity (mandarin): [ Deep into the rainforest of Meihuaxi 深旅行 深入濃濃熱帶雨林中的梅花溪【中級溯溪】]
* Website of the activity (mandarin): [ Deep into the rainforest of Meihuaxi 深旅行 深入濃濃熱帶雨林中的梅花溪【中級溯溪】]
* Typical experiences:
* Capacity: 35 people
* Capacity: 35 people
* Lead: Pollo -- []
* Lead: Pollo -- []

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The Day Trip will be held Wednesday. August 1, 2018. The Government has provided us with NT$96000 to ensure Taiwan leaves a pleasant lasting impression upon each and every participant. Therefore please propose many creative ideas for trips you can lead.


Industry Tour A

Link: /A

Cultural Tour B

Suggested equipment

  • Easy Card for taking bus (MUST prepared)
  • Water bottle, if there is places to fill water during tour. I'll let you know.
  • Umbrella
  • Hat/Visor
  • Towel, yes. You will sweat a lot due to it is not only hot, but also wet.
  • Free lunch


  • HsinChu railway station (新竹火車站)
  • Nan-Men street and Guan-Di temple (南門路及關帝廟)
  • Cheng-Huang temple (城隍廟)
  • Bei-men street and lunch (北門老街和午餐)
  • Traditional market (傳統市場)
  • HsinChu state government office (新竹州廳)
  • HsinChu city government office (新竹市役所)


Hiking Tour C

Link: /C

Biking Tour D

Tea Ceremony Tour F

Hsinchu area has it's repetition on Taiwanese tea industry in it's history. The famous "Formosan Oriental Beauty Tea" is from this region. We are going to visiting the oldest tea factory - "Formosa Tea Industry And Culture Gallery". And then we will head to "The One Nanyuan" which is the most cozy place with old style buildings in this region to enjoy lunch and afternoon tea. It provides exquisiteness of five senses with unique cultural experience.

  • Places:
  1. Formosa Tea Industry And Culture Gallery (臺紅茶業文化)
  2. The One Nanyuan Land of Retreat & Wellness (The One南園人文休閒客棧)

Beer Brewery Tour G

Industry Tour H

Link: /H

Taipei Tour J

  • Places:
  1. Taipei 101 / 台北101
  2. National Palace Museum / 國立故宮博物院

Theme Park Tour K

River Tracing L

**You need to register for this daytrip option before July 28th 10:00 UTC**

River tracing is a mix of hiking and bouldering, but in a river bed. It's a pretty wet activity and a nice way to cool down in the hot and humid taiwanese weather. This activity takes place on the Meihua river (梅花溪).

These are the things you should bring with you:

  • A set of clothes you don't mind getting wet in
  • A set of dry clothes
  • A towel

The guides will provide you with helmets, a life jacket and non-slip shoes.

All valuables and electronics should stay at the venue. You will be jumping from rocks to rocks inside a river. You will be able to leave some stuff in the bus, but we cannot guarantee their integrity.

Here is the plan for the daytrip:

  • 7:45 - Departure by bus from the venue
  • 8:30 - Arrival at the river
  • 9:00 - Arrival to the upstream location
  • 9:00 to 12:00 - River tracing
  • 12:00 - Lunch
  • 12:00 to 15:30 - River tracing
  • 15:30 - Return to the parking lot
  • 16:30 - Return to the venue

The lunch offered will be noodles. Please note on the registration page your dietary restrictions.

This activity is physically taxing. You will be climbing, hiking in a river bed and jumping for an extended period of time. Please make sure that this is the kind of activity that suits your physical limitations. You must be older than 10 years old to participate in this activity for insurance reasons.

This activity is potentially dangerous. You will have to sign a waiver for the river tracing company insurance saying they are not responsible if you get hurt.

Other possibilities




  • Be sure to put your contact info (email+TEL) above! Can't go anywhere if can't get in touch with you.
  • Most capacities should be a multiple of 43 people (one bus load.)
  • Apply early to sites to be visited to schedule their English tour guides.
  • Please put your signup page on a separate page, e.g., /Registration/A, to avoid disturbing people who have this DayTrip page you are reading on their watchlists, every time someone signs up for a trip.
  • Consider leaving unassigned seats, in case some interested participants might not want to post their sign-up information publically. See Diversity Notices for sharing related ideas.
  • /API


  • If you don't sign up for a trip choice, don't worry, we will assign you to one.


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