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[edit] Prepay SIMs in MDQ

Buy you "chip prepagas" at a Claro shop, of which there are plenty within 200 metres of the hotel, e.g. in San Martín. It's 10 Pesos only.

Once you have the chip, insert it and start up, change the Pin (from 1111) and then call *22#. You will be guided through an interactive questionaire. Apparently this does not work if you have service messages disabled on your phone, so change that.

The prompts require you to acknowledge them first before you can enter the response, so hit OK once it asks you for the type of passport, then enter the data at the prompt that shows up.

  1. type 3 for "passport"
  2. enter your passport number
  3. type 1 or 2 for your sex. Feel free to lie.
  4. Enter 223 as the area code for Mar Del Plata

You should then be told your number, the rate (0.65¢/minute), and that you should dial *611 to change the area code, e.g. when you go to Buenos Aires.

Let us know your phone number at DebConf8/Phone numbers.

Apparently, if you want to make calls, you have to buy a card with credit, which are sold in nominations of $15, $20, and $30 at most stores and kiosks (except the mobile phone stores). You should be able to receive calls without charging up your credit.

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