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Here is the info on Train travellers so far:


[edit] Paris <-> Madrid

Folks from various countries are planning to take the [Trenhotel from Paris to Madrid] to get to [Debconf9]. This page is for co-ordinating bookings (2 people in a sleeper is much cheaper than one). Good info on what it's actually like at [What's the Trenhotel like]

Wed 22.07.09  London St Pancras   dep 13:32  Eurostar £29.50; 
              Paris Nord          arr 16:47    
              Paris Austerlitz    dep 19:45  Elipsos trainhotel
Thu 23.07.09  Madrid Chamartin    arr 09:10    £81
              Madrid Atocha       dep 09:55  Regional service 25.75€
              Cáceres             arr 13:49    bookings open around 21.5.09
Who From/To Out Date Return Date Comments
Wookey Cambridge, UK 22nd (Booked) 31st (Booked) Out: Coach 79, Bed 31 Back: Coach 84, Bed 5
Ian Jackson Cambridge, UK 22nd (Booked) 30th (Booked) Out: Coach 79, Bed 32 Returning via Barcelona, Cerbere
Nick Bane Cambridge, UK 22nd (Booked) 31st (Booked) Out: Coach 79, Bed 35 Back: coach 84, Bed 6
Daniel Glassey Cambridge 22nd (Booked) 31st (Booked) Out: Coach 79, Bed 36 Returning via Hendaye sleeper and day train from Madrid. Was too late for tickets on the Madrid sleeper
Andreas Tille Paris - - I blame for technical problems and finally enabling me to find a reasonable (<3 times of a regular flight) priced offer
Kurt Roeckx Brussels 15th/16th
W. Martin Borgert Berlin I will travel by train (and bus) with stops in Paris, Madrid, Granada, Málaga and back with stops in Barcelona, Strasbourg, etc. Because of this route I don't expect any DDs will travel with me.
Wouter Verhelst Mechelen (or, well, something like that) 14th/15th 31st
Kurt Gramlich Gütersloh 17th/18th 30th/31st via Cologne, Paris, Irun, Madrid
Joachim “nomeata” Breitner Karlsruhe 31st (booked) There: waggon 62 - seat 51, Return: waggon 77 - seat 12 – anyone nearby?

UK Route timings:

[edit] Madrid <-> Cáceres matrix

These are based on times for dates at the end of May for Madrid Puerta de Atocha (where I assume we'll all pass through no matter where we're coming from at earlier points) to Cáceres, and back again. Please note that TALGO trains start and arrive from Madrid Chamartin' station but also stop in Puerta de Atocha. As reaching Chamartin from the airport is easier than reaching Atocha you might want to consider this as well. Night trains (trenhotel) start and arrive in Chamartin and do not stop in Atocha.

Bookings for regional trains are not available more than 15 days in advance; however the Talgo trains are open for booking already. Use the timetable feature on (Horarios) to get information about which trains are running; you can book out and return separately.

The price of one-way Talgo tickets is 12-30€, while Trenhotel is about 15-40€.

Time Slot Train type and number Madrid stations Thu 16 Sat 18 Sun 19 Tue 21 Wed 22 Thu 23 Fri 24
07:40-11:40 TRD 17014 Atocha
09:55-13:49 R-598 179800 Atocha Aníbal Monsalve Salazar Ian Jackson, Wookey, Nick Bane, James Vega (1-033), Steve Langasek (1-005)
15:25-19:28 Friday only Regional 17824 Atocha
16:25-20:02 Talgo 00194 Atocha and Chamartin Damyan Ivanov, gregor herrmann, Axel Beckert (007-5A), Paul Wise (9-4A), Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw, 5-01A), Stéphane Glondu (7-04C), Mehdi Dogguy (7-04D) Martin Zobel-Helas (2-06A) Christian Perrier (5-04A), Adeodato Simó (6-05D), Gaudenz Steinlin (7-04A) from Atocha Joost van Baal (7-06D) Raphael Hertzog (1-04A), Nico Golde, Jan Nordholz, Kenshi Muto(5-05A), Nobuhiro Iwamatsu(5-05B), Kouhei Maeda(5-05C), Hideki Yamane(5-05D), Jonathan McDowell (booked), Michael Schultheiss (8-04D), Sami Liedes (7-04C), Timo Lindfors (7-04D), Colin Tuckley, Arto Jantunen, Jan Wagner (6-05D), Petter Reinholdtsen, Rene Engelhard (7-05A), Jan Hauke Rahm (not yet booked), Mike Hommey (8-05A), René Mayorga(1-05A), Daniel Glassey (2-06A), Blars Blarson (not yet booked), Obey Arthur Liu (5-02A), Adam D. Barratt (1-07A), Simon Paillard (7-06D) Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (5-04D), Jordà Polo (7-04A)
22:25-01:51 TrenHotel 00332 Chamartin Joachim Breitner Eddy Petrișor(38-04A), Adnan Hodzic Moray Allan, Martin Michlmayr, Jonny Lamb, Sjoerd Simons, Gustavo Noronha

And back:

Time Slot Train type and number Madrid stations Tue 28 Wed 29 Thu 30 Fri 31
05:08-09:43 TrenHotel 00355 Atocha Obey Arthur Liu (06D)
06:46-10:55 Except Sat and Sun TRD 17021 Atocha Daniel Glassey (1-041), Sami Liedes, Timo Lindfors, Paul Wise (1-047), Steve Langasek (1-043), Peter De Schrijver, Gunnar Wolf
09:25-13:11 Talgo 00197 Atocha and Chamartin Axel Beckert (006-4D), Martin Zobel-Helas (1-05A) Ian Jackson (preferente, booked); Joost van Baal (6-05D), Eddy Petrișor(5-04A), Martin Michlmayr; Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw, 8-04D), Stéphane Glondu (7-04A), Mehdi Dogguy (7-4B), Giacomo Catenazzi (9-06D) Jonathan McDowell (booked), Joachim Breitner (7-04A), Wookey, Nick Bane, Aníbal Monsalve Salazar, James Vega (5-07D), Raphael Hertzog (1-04A), Nico Golde, Jan Nordholz, Christian Perrier(4-04A), Meike Reichle (6-04D), Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (6-04C), Andrew McMillan (2-04A), Gaudenz Steinlin (8-04D), Ana Guerrero (9-04B), Aurélien Jarno (9-04A), Arto Jantunen, Jan Wagner (8-05A), Lionel Mamane (2-05A), Petter Reinholdtsen, Rene Engelhard (8-05D), Jan Hauke Rahm (not yet booked), Mike Hommey (9-03A), René Mayorga (5-06D), Michal Cihar (8-7D), Moray Allan (9-06A), Adam D. Barratt (9-05D), Jonny Lamb, Adnan Hodzic, Christoph Egger (7-6A)
14:36-18:45 TRD 17027 Atocha Kenshi Muto (not yet booked) Blars Blarson (3-167)
16:02-19:56 R-598 17907 Atocha Michael Schultheiss (1-003), Jimmy Kaplowitz, Sam Hartman

[edit] Barcelona <-> Madrid

Time Slot Train type and number Thu 16 Tue 21
12:00-15:23 AVE 3122 Axel Beckert (006-11D) Gaudenz Steinlin (Coche 007, Plaza 11D)

and back:

Time Slot Train type and number Tue 28 Fri 31
13:30-16:54 AVE 3133 Axel Beckert (008-7A) Gaudenz Steinlin (Coche 008, Plaza 7A), Michal Cihar (Coche 008, Plaza 6A)

[edit] Bern / Zürich <-> Barcelona

Talgo/EN/Trenhotel 274 Zürich -> Barcelona runs Mon/Wed/Fri only.

Time Slot From Train type and number Wed 15/Thu 16 Mon 20/Tue 21
21:08-09:43 Bern Trenhotel 274 Gaudenz Steinlin (Coche 044, Plaza 16)
19:27-09:43 Zürich Talgo/EN 274 Axel Beckert (046-45)

And back:

Talgo/EN/Trenhotel 273 Barcelona -> Zürich runs Tue/Thu/Sun only.

Time Slot To Train type and number Tue 28/Wed 29
19:38-10:09 Zürich Talgo/EN 273 Axel Beckert (042-55)

[edit] Cerbere -> Mulhouse (Strasbourg)

Time Slot Train type and number Tue 21
20:42-97:20 Corail Lunea 04392 Gaudenz Steinlin (booked)
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