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[edit] Hosting at Le Camp (DebConf 13 venue)

[edit] Overview

To get an overview of the DebConf 13 venue please visit the Le Camp website. It contains a clickable map with detailed floorplans for each building. All of this should give you a pretty good impression of the setup and comfort level to expect.

All accommodation is with shared showers and bathrooms. There are no rooms with in-room bathrooms. The bathrooms are generally in good condition. The buildings with "bedding provided" have a bit more showers and toilets per person. But there are enough showers and toilets in each building. Showers and bathrooms will be separated by gender in those buildings with mixed genders. All showers (except for those in the biggest communal room) are in single cubicles and big enough to change inside.

[edit] Rooms with 4 beds or less

Room size: 1 to 4 beds

Bed style: bed with bedding provided

Houses: Zwingli, Peupliers, 7, Passerelle, Beausite

[edit] Medium-size Rooms with bedding

Room size: 5 to 8 beds

Bed style: bed with bedding provided

Houses: Zwingli, 7, Passerelle, Beausite

[edit] Communal sleeping-bag accommodation or camping

Room size: 12 to 32 beds

Bed style: simple mattress with pillow and woolen blanket, attendee must provide sleeping bag

Houses: batiment pricipal, 4, 5, 6, 8

A limited amount of camping is possible on the area. But there are only few flat areas. You would have to bring your own tent and camping gear for this. Houses 4, 5, 6 and 7 have shelterd balconies where one can sleep outside with a camping mattress and sleeping-bag. We will try hard to only fill the biggest dorms (24 or more beds) to 2/3 of their capacity at most. This should provide some more space per person.

[edit] Hosting outside Le Camp

There are no accommodation options in walking distance. So hosting outside Le Camp means you either need personal transportation (car or bike) or take the bus. See the list of alternative accommodations near Vaumarcus. The prices usually includes breakfast, but we recommend that you take the other meals (lunch and dinner) at the DebConf venue. Make sure to select the proper items in registration category, accommodation and food options.

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