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There is no question that DebConf15 is primarily about Debian and for the furthering of our operating systems.

However, the conference is also there for us to forge friendships, and after long days of listening to talks, fixing bugs, and writing code, everyone can use a break. It is thus that we're offering a variety of entertainment options for you to indulge.



We'll have a permanent beergarden just outside the venue throughout the week. Of course.


The disco will be open Saturday, Tuesday and Friday night. Subject to changes. We'll provide the music (somehow).


There will be a karaoke set-up all week of DebConf15. Details are to come, but the list of songs is already available (and there will likely be more).

Guitar Hero

It's not unlikely that this will happen. If you have PS/2 media, bring it. Otherwise, Frets-on-Fire with a Model M!

Folk dancing

Almost a tradition now:

Poetry night

Another DebConf classic:

Citizenfour screening

Cinema at DebConf:


It's a distinct possibility you'll hear a few howls and screaming villagers at night.


And of course, no DebConf (since 2008) without DebConf15/Assassins (provided someone organises it).


There will be Mao.



The band from Mannheim (close by) will be playing in the disco on Saturday night as part of our birthday celebrations. Check out their page for more information.

Oktober folk club

Following the day trip and Barbeque that night, the Munich-based band Oktober Folk Club will make your muscles twitch with jugband blues. Location: our own beergarden (weather permitting). See and a (German-language) profile.


Come with a few friends and a drink to watch the most amazing show possible on Earth.

Comet of Origin: 109P/Swift-Tuttle
Radiant: constellation Perseus
Active: July 13-Aug. 26, 2015
Peak Activity: Aug. 12-13, 2015
Peak Activity Meteor Count: Up to 100 meteors per hour
Meteor Velocity: 37 miles (59 kilometers) per second
Notes: If you see one meteor shower this year, make it August's Perseids or December's Geminids.
The Perseids feature fast and bright meteors that frequently leave trains,
and in 2015 there will be no moonlight to upstage the shower.

from NASA's JPL asteroid watch page

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